Islamist Refugee Raps About Raping & Killing Swedish Women (Graphic)

“The Islamist rapper … chants racist epithets, incites rape and murder, threatening an entire nation of people.”

People easily offended should probably read someone else’s column. Jack, whose important voice reaches hundreds of thousands of people a month via the websites, podcasts, and speaking engagements that feature his work – along with his massive presence on social media, doesn’t mince words and relies upon some pretty sardonic humour and heartfelt anger when story telling. Be sure to join him on Twitter

You are about to watch one of the most disturbing videos you will probably EVER see.

There’s no footage of the swine rapping, as the cowardly beast removed his filthy image due to the reaction he received after our first story, but the evil words, penned by black Islamist rapper Ikasaify2 (his channel name), are sure to make your heart sink and blood boil.

“Come here Swedish Girls,

I will stick a knife in your pussy

Alla svennar ska ju dö dö dö dö dö

All Swedes you will DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE

We wogs under Allah will exterminate you all (note – the subtitles says “we wogs”, but in Swedish the lyric refers to blacks and Muslims, not Hindus, Sikhs, non-violent Mediterranean, non-Islamic Balkan people, or Orientals)

The Islamist rapper hailing from South Africa, but of Somali origin, chants racist epithets, incites rape and murder, threatening an entire nation of people…but based on the fact he is still roaming the streets of Malmo scotfreo, he’s apparently gotten away with it.

How in the hell is that possible, you ask?

Because the Left have given him, as they do deviants (of all colours) just like him, a free pass to rape and kill.

In spite of the tens of thousands of young girls that have been sexually molested by Muslim grooming gangs in Britain and across Western Europe, and the millions of rapes perpetrated against women and children in South Africa, nary a peep has come from feminists or any faction on the Liberal left – at home or abroad.

You see without carnage, societal discord and perpetual class, race and now gender struggle, the Left have nothing.

The Left – constantly bleating on about rapes on college campuses where perpetrators are white, care as much about women and children as Yossel Slovo did Nelson Mandela. Once you recognise that rapes are necessary for the left to succeed, you’ll be ready to fight back.

And what of Islamism, you ask. Why would the Left support an ideology like Islam?

Islamism is a mechanism the left employ to harm our societies. Although on paper Islamism and Marxism are seemingly diametrically and ideologically opposed to one other, their end games are one and the same: the wholesale destruction of western civilisation.

And they will continue to collaborate with one another until our civilisation is either in ruin, or we rise up as one to stop them.

As much as it might pain many of you to hear this, non-whites are not the enemy; the lily white left and their Zionist owners are. We are more likely to make headway reasoning with the rapists than we are women like Harriet Harman or demons like Luciana Berger.

“But Jack that’s why we voted for you and for nationalists like Nigel Farage. We do want change.”

Merely voting for pseudo-nationalistic parties like UKIP-who I am ashamed I ever represented – a controlled opposition party that kowtows to Jewish special interest groups, with no plan of actually reducing immigration, is not going to cut it. We need to step up and fight back, by protesting, marching, and speaking out.

And why do I give a toss about Sweden?

Members of my wife’s family hail from the country. In fact my daughter, who phenotypically presents as Swedish, was born there.


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