GERMANY: Hey, where are all those smiling Germans with the ‘Welcome Refugees’ signs now?

011Muslim women migrants sent to hospitals in Germany refuse to be treated by male doctors and Muslim men refuse to be treated by female doctors. German female doctors and nurses are afraid to get anywhere near the “African animals” as they call them because the animals behave like Muslim supremacists, grabbing at the nurses and female doctors, calling them whores, while demanding special religious accommodations from the hospital staff and expecting it all for free.


Muslim patients are arriving with TB, AIDS & exotic diseases never before seen in Europe. And it’s only a matter of time before the hospital staff starts coming down with these diseases.

When Muslim migrants find out they have to pay for drugs to treat their sick children, they abandon them in the hospital, telling the pharmacy staff to take care of their children.


Until now, there were 2.2 million unemployed in Germany. Now there will be 1 million more who don’t want to work or are totally unemployable. Muslim migrants expect to get everything for free and when they don’t they throw a fit and often get violent.

The media don’t report about the Muslim migrant in Germany who stabbed a doctor and two nurses with a knife when they couldn’t save a deathly ill infant or about the Muslim migrant who threw syphilis-infected urine into the face of a nurse. No, the media are content to paint a pretty picture of an increasingly uncontrollable situation, which is getting worse everyday.


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