Many High Ranking U.S. Military Officers Are Weak, Incompetent, Lesbian or Transgendered


Behold the new and ‘transformed’ U.S. military mirrored perfectly after our girly-man president. In my opinion, women have no place serving as commanders and generals in any military that’s serious about war.

As in police work, they belong in support services only. They lack the warrior mindset that men naturally have (or should have), and they are not psychologically and emotionally fit for the rigors and horrors of the battlefield.

This doesn’t mean that women are worthless or that they have no important roles to serve in our armed forces. It just means that the real fighting and battlefield strategies should be left to qualified and experienced men.

In Obama’s military, gay, lesbian and transgender freaks have been promoted to high ranking position at alarming rates. There’s no doubt that our Kenyan dictator is attempting to weaken our military by promoting the most incompetent and undeserving to vital positions as Admirals, Commanders, and Generals.

As you look through these sickening photographs, think about what kind of image this sends to our enemies? Are these images of strength or weakness? If you’re honest with yourself, you’d have to admit that none of them project strength and the warrior spirit that all true military leaders must possess. Our enemies throughout the world, upon seeing these photographs, must be laughing hysterically. Can you blame them? 









You know that ISIS must be trembling in their boots


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