CO2 is found to be not guilty … new paper

Originally posted on pindanpost:

Dr David Evans, an extraordinary WA scientist who once worked for the Climate Commission, until he learned that the warming agenda wasn’t right, has produced his long-awaited new paper showing that CO2 has little influence on climate. The man-made portion of CO2 emissions, even less. Part 18 of his comprehensive mathematical calculations is now out:

New Science 18: Finally climate sensitivity calculated at just one tenth of official estimates.

Reflected solar radiation, emitted heat radiation, NASA, climate sensitivity, greenhouse gases

Image: NASA

Now let’s see if the warmist shouters and pocket-liners can falsify his work. Otherwise they will do the usual bullying and name-calling when they find they can’t fault it!

Congratulations to David and Jonova for this great effort. The conclusion: “The ECS might be almost zero, is likely less than 0.25 °C, and most likely less than 0.5 °C.”

Read it all. The full set of 18 posts can be found at Dr David Evans, 5 November 2015, Project…

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