Boom of aggression against so-called asylum seekers Muslims in Germany, over the weekend.

Two of the attacks against muslims were in Wismar and Magdeburg,there were groups of over 20 people who attacked and beat asylum seekers with baseball bats after the rapes occurred in the two cities, the victims of RapeJihad were German , and the perpetrators were muslims.

In a third attack, a Syrian was injured by broken glass when petrol bombs were thrown at the window of his room in a hotel in Freital in the eastern state of Saxony. Also in this case, after some cases of harassment.

A Sehnde near Hanover, a man aged 43 was arrested on charges of arson against a hotel for asylum seekers from Montenegro. No one was injured in the attack.

Several arson attacks were also reported against future asylum designated centers throughout Germany, including an empty hotel in Dresden and a former home for young people in Castrop-Rauxel in western Germany.

The war has just begun.


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