More often you hear about the mysterious men napastujących girls and women on the streets of Lublin. A few days ago, one of the girls was cut with a blunt instrument.According to witnesses, two of the perpetrators were Muslims.

On October 29th a young girl  was returning home in the morning. When she got off at the bus stop she realized she was being followed by a young man – He followed her all the way from the bus stop to her house on the Popieluszko street in Lublin.

The girl ran into her apartment very shaky and told her roommates that she had been followed and the attacker was in the stairwell of the of the roommates of the girl ran into the apartment also scared. Colleagues did not want to believe her at first, but eventually they went to investigate and found the man lurking. After a brief fracas the muslim was chased and they thought the incident was over.

Unfortunately, when another of  the apartment tenants returned from shopping,she encountered 3 men under the stairs two were muslims, she asked the third man in Polish if he was aware of what happened earlier concerning a girl being followed home and that the assailant was chased by two men, their response was rude so she told them to get out. When she turned she felt a grip on her shoulders and something dark being wrapped around her face. She heard a completely foreign language, they began to cut her hand with a blunt instrument. It was not the end. The assailants tore at the girl’s clothes and cut part of her chest.

Flustered by a neighbor appearing the 3 fled, but  the Polish-speaking man threatened that this is just the beginning.

The case has greatly angered Internet users, but the police have still  not released photos of the suspects obtained through CCTV.

At the moment, the police decided that the operations will be carried out on their own. We will try to reach our own paths to these men. If we assume that it will need to publish such monitoring then certainly no such monitoring will be forwarded to the media – said Kamil Gołębiowski spokesman for the Police in Lublin in an interview with TV portal niezaleznylublin.


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