Watch VIDEO: Muslim makes throat-cutting gesture on Swedish news segment

This is the yet another video I have posted with Muslims making beheading warning gestures to the TV audience.

What else do you need to know about the invasion?

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.58.27 AM

“Swedish TV reporting on ‘poor refugees’ gets photobombed by Muslim with throat-cutting gestures.” The Muslim Issue, October 29, 2015

So let’s see what the ignorant socialist left-wing nutters are up to in Sweden, the country of rape and stealth jihad, abetted by the Swedish government:

The Swedish state TV was in Berlin to report on the “tragedy” of the burning shelters of the Muslim “refugees” – which they burn down themselves – when a nasty looking Islamic supremacist appears on the screen. The f**k [you] gestures flow in abundance – must be the deep gratitude they feel to the West for “saving” them from all those so called self-initiated wars of theirs – and ends in a hint of things to come: the infamous head-cutting gesture. The Moslim slides his finger over his throat to show all the infidels watching that morning what Islam has in store for all of them.

We’ve lost count by now how many of these “refugees” from the land of Mohammed have made these threats. Muslims are full of hate. That’s all they know. It’s criminal to spend people’s tax money on this garbage vermin.

Look at the faces of the Swedes when they realize what message this Muslim is giving them! It’s classic. It’s like this is a new revelation to them, somehow.

This forced SVT to cancel the sending

Posted October 29, 2015 at 17.56
When SVT reported directly from Berlin came a man who was so noisy that the broadcast had to be interrupted.

SVT correspondent Rolf Faber was in place at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to report on fires at asylum shelters.

Suddenly a man popped out from behind the reporter and began pointing ugly fingers at the camera. He also made a more threatening character by drawing his hand across his throat.

– “I was never afraid and first noticed nothing, but when he continued to bother us so clearly I could not help but to comment on the whole thing,” said Rolf Faber to SVT News.

The man was so disturbing that the clip, which aired on Goodmorning Sweden finally got canceled, according to SVT.

– See more at:

Video backup:


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