Newest Report Shows Smaller Than Predicted Numbers As Liberal Agenda Pushed

Gay marriage is not legal. The actual laws pertaining to marriage were never changed to include same-sex couples.

Instead, then-United States president Barack Obama circumvented Congress and implemented gay marriage. He did it by going through the Supreme Court. However, the results have been questionable as fewer gay couples are actually getting married.

In 2015, Obergefell v. Hodges went to the Supreme Court to test the nation’s response to opening marriages to same sex couples.

The court was split 5-4 on the decision, with several dissenting opinions favoring states’ rights in the matter.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., joined by Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, felt that the issue should have been left to the states.

Longtime Texas Congressman Ron Paul mirrored the concept of the federal government keeping its claws from reaching into such a religious institution, saying that it should be left to churches to decide if they wanted to marry gay couples.

Left wing propaganda and predictive programming were unleashed on the American public. TV shows increased the amount of time gay couples had on screen. Movies, such as the Gay Best Friend, promoted the gay agenda and pushed it onto minors.

Americans were also reeling from a court decision against a Christian baker.

In 2012, when Jack Phillips told gay couple David Mullins and Charlie Craig that because of his Christian beliefs he could deny service to customers wanting to purchase cakes to celebrate a same-sex wedding.

The couple sued Phillips for violating a Colorado law that prevented discrimination based on sexual orientation. And then the state ordered him to provide wedding cakes on an equal basis for same-sex couples, despite his Christian beliefs.

Currently, there is no federal law requiring businesses to serve all customers without regard to their sexual orientation. But it became evident that anyone who disagreed with gay marriage would be made an example of publicly and in court.

Gay marriage became a warning to Americans of how far the government was willing to go to extend marital rights to same sex couples.

The federal government made its stance clear: opposition to same sex unions would not be tolerated.

And so America embraced gay marriage.

Facebook users used rainbow filters on their profile photos. They also shared the picture of the double rainbow that suddenly appeared after the Supreme Court decision. Everyone said that love had won.

Proponents of gay marriage would have everyone believe that homosexuals make up a large portion of the population. Because of this, according to their reasoning, everything in the world must be turned upside down to accommodate them.

Despite the federal government’s unconstitutional push towards granting same sex couples the right to marriage, gay marriage hasn’t taken off as well as Liberals hoped.

new report shows that very few gays and lesbians are taking advantage of legal marriage. For the gay couples who do end up making it down the aisle, many of them will end up in divorce court.

Only one in ten gay and lesbian couples have entered into a same-sex marriage in the United States.  And in the U.K., less than 6,000 such weddings took place when at least 9,000 were expected.

The New York Times reported in 2016 that there were 183,280 same-sex marriages in the US, representing approximately one-third of one percent of all marriages.

According to The Economist, the reason behind this phenomenon is that many gay people are young. And young people just don’t get married. The other speculation is that there just aren’t as many gay people as the public was led to believe.

Not only are gay couples not getting married at the expected rate, they’re also getting divorced at a higher rate than heterosexual couples.

The number of same-sex couples ending their civil unions leapt by 20 per cent last year, seven years after their introduction in 2005. Overall there were 794 dissolutions in 2012, almost 60 per cent of which were female couples, figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show.

In the seven years since gay couples were able to have civil partnerships, 3.2 per cent of male unions ended in dissolution, and 6.1 per cent of female couples ended their marriages.

LGBT adults are most likely to identify their marital status as single — 32% say they have never married. This indicates that many LGBT adults, even at older ages when marriage may be more feasible or desirable than it is for younger adults, are remaining single. By comparison, 11.3% of non-LGBT adults age 50 and older have never married.

If gay couples don’t really want to be married, then why the complete overhaul of the marital institution? Why try to force Americans to accept gay marriage and same sex couples? Why would the government utilize such measures to insure something happened that the gay community itself didn’t really want?

Because gay marriage was never about equality in the first place. It was about hijacking a sacred institution. It was about forcing acceptance of an extreme minority onto the majority. It was about pushing the trans agenda prevalent in the news today.

Overall it seems that Obama and the Supreme Court did a huge disservice to the American public. It has become painfully obvious that love did not win. The gay agenda did.

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  1. Why is same-sex marriage or traditional marriage even made an issue for any government to concern itself with? Just stick to the Dictionary’s definition of the word and leave the topic alone.


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