Professing Christ Is Becoming a ‘Hate Crime’ in the West



What is the source of dhimmitude — which in many ways paralyzes responses to Islam — in the West?

It is a neologism based on the Arabic word, dhimmi — that is, a non-Muslim (generally a Christian or Jew) who falls under Islamic rule and, as a price for maintaining his religion, accepts an inferior social standing. Simply put, the dhimmi must know his or her place and never rock the boat, including by seeking equal rights with Muslims.

While this is the classic and original manifestation of dhimmitude, a new and unprecedented form has arisen in the West: in the Muslim world, where might naturally makes right, Muslim majorities impose an inferior status onto non-Muslim minorities; but in the West, it is the West itself — or at least homegrown elements — that in certain fields impose an inferior status on a non-Muslim majority.

The question becomes, Why? Why would a stronger civilization impose the unjust and supremacist stipulations of a weaker, hostile civilization, onto itself, and thereby paralyze itself against that same hostile civilization?

Leftists: The enemy of my enemy is my friend

The answer is evident in the words of an ancient strategy: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” The Western elements that are forever protecting and empowering Islam, and which operate under various names — “Liberals,” “Leftists,” “Marxists,” “Progressives,” “Social Justice Warriors,” etc. — ultimately care little about Islam; rather, Islam is for them a tool to combat their real and much closer enemy: Christianity, and the mores and civilization borne of it and culminating in the West.

“Hate crimes”

“You can say what you like about the Virgin Birth, the miracles and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but as soon as you say ‘come on, is Islam really the religion of peace that it claims to be,’ all hell breaks loose.”

Indeed, and there is a reason for that: unlike Islam — which many Western elite feel no (direct) connection to and thus no threat therefrom — Christianity is the faith of their forefathers; it is ever present in their societies, judging them — and they hate it for it. But rather than seek to suppress it openly, they operate indirectly, including by propping up always angry and easily “offended” Muslims against it, while they play the role of “impartial” secularist or progressive — people who will make themselves (meaning others, notably Christians) walk on eggshells lest the “feelings” of the “other” are hurt.

From here one understands why liberals and progressives who forever whine against any vestige of traditional (“oppressive”) Christianity habitually make common cause with Islam — despite the latter’s truly oppressive qualities.

Feminists – homosexuals – multiculturalists

Feminists denounce the Christian “patriarchy” — but say little against the Muslim treatment of women as chattel;

homosexuals denounce Christian bakeries — but say little against the Muslim execution of homosexuals;

multiculturalists denounce Christians who refuse to suppress their faith, including by banning Christmas phrases and images, to accommodate the religious sensibilities of Muslim minorities — but say little against the entrenched and open Muslim persecution of Christians.

BEFORE islamophobia
AFTER islamophobia

Making the West weak and vulnerable

From here one understands the ultimate reason why domineering Western elements are imposing the unjust and stifling effects of dhimmitude on and thus making the West weak and vulnerable:  “The enemy [Islam] of my enemy [Christianity] is my friend.”

Muslims are now even being used to make the central claim of Christianity — which the progressive elite especially despise hearing as it convicts their godless lifestyle — a “hate crime.”


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  1. Yes, very insightful and good analysis. We actually spoke to this a few years back on our blog. Liberals find a common cause with Islam to weaken Christianity, so true. Yet, their godless atheism and concomitant moral cowardice cannot resist Islam.

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