What is a woman to do in modern day America to find a good man

(sourceLife as a 31-year-old single female is actually not so glamorous. The media–music, television, and movies would make most people believe we are Carrie Bradshaws. However, most of my friends and I in this situation are depressed and anxious. Have we missed the boat of true love and marriage?

Where does one find it? All of the online dating seem more like casual hookup services then people wanting to form a lifetime love.

I have lived in two of the most liberal cities in America, San Francisco and New York City. I remember coming right out of University at the age of 21 being very confused about the world as a woman.

Looking back on it now. a lot of my seeking days were really me just wanting to find a home and love with a masculine man. Everyone kept telling me to advance my career and be independent, but I was never truly happy in my soul. I knew something was missing. That this way of life was a lie to my feminine heart.

Dating in the Bay Area: most of the men were very feminized and or they were homosexual

My years spent in San Francisco consisted of me delving into every spiritual practice I could in order to “find myself”. What I really needed was to find was a good mentor to ground me and teach me to hold standards for the men coming in and out of my life.

I didn’t have much luck dating in the Bay Area because most of the men were very feminized and or they were homosexual. I never met a man that seemed masculine and like a good leader.

I eventually fled that city after I sat in Dolores Park one day after work and realized as a heterosexual single woman, I would be single forever if I stayed there. Back to the east coast, I went.

New York: the center for selfishness, materialism, greed, and narcissism

Ahhh New York City. Manhattan. The playground of the arts, food, music, architecture. Yet, it is also the center for selfishness, materialism, greed, and narcissism. I went there because where else does a single 26-year-old woman go to forge her career?

Dirty streets full of liberal hipsters. SJW

Here I was in the middle of a soulless city attempting again to make a life on my own. Subways. Dirty streets. Full of liberal hipsters. SJW. None of this gave my feminine soul any sort of reprise.

I began dating in Manhattan and most of the men were utterly disappointing:

  • Overworked–check.
  • Narcissist–check.
  • Expected sex on the first date–check.

Most of the men I met were more into themselves, would ask how much money I made, or just expected sex right away. I was burned out, so I decided to give up on dating. A few months later after my lease ended I moved out of the city.

I realized most of the major cities in America were infiltrated with people who would not be suitable as a marriage partner.

Here I am still single, modest, believe in God and everything pure and true in the world.

Yet, most men have been taught to want women who are attention whores, Instagram obsessed, and would not be good wives or mothers.

What is a woman to do in modern day America to find a good man to build the life that God intended?

Source: henrymakow.com/2018/01/marriage-minded-young-women.html


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  1. That’s sad! But I pray that you’d keep that faith in God and hold on to your standards. It’s your weapon and protection. I’m telling you, you’d rather be single than be married with the wrong person. That’s just even more miserable! I pray that you find joy and peace everyday in your season of singleness. Just hang in there. You are in a good place, I promise you. 🙂 God bless!

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  2. Reblogged this on larrysmusings and commented:
    It does appear that many young women are not finding what they truly need. This first person account speaks to the challenge for young women in our demoralized, post Christian culture. Reblog Friday rolls on.


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