The End Goal Of Western Progressivism Is Depopulation

Making the Earth “more livable” for Western children that will never be born

(source) It’s clear that there is a conscious scheme to control the human population through both cultural and biological means, which allows the elite to sustain or elevate their power and wealth.

If you live in a Westernized nation, you have been bombarded with messages about the dangers of over-population and the fragility of the environment. It turns out that all the progressive ideas being spread in the West have one thing in common: they all limit human reproduction.

Here is a short list of progressive causes that have percolated from intellectuals and later sponsored or hijacked by billionaire activists and major government institutions of the West.

1. Abortion is a bodily “choice,” not human murder. Result: it decreases population.

2. Birth control is a “choice” that allows women to better practice consumer lifestyles. Result: it decreases population.

3. Female empowerment in the form of feminism and egalitarianism pushes women into corporate work with the goal of delaying motherhood (or eliminating it outright). Result: it decreases reproduction and family formation.

4. Promotion of sterile human relationships in the form of homosexuality and transsexuality can’t possibly result in the creation of life. Result: it decreases population, reproduction, and traditional family formation.

5. Promotion of atheism, nihilism, individualism, and consumerism as suitable alternatives to traditional living via nuclear family units. Result: it decreases reproduction and traditional family formation.

6. The needs of the “environment” must be served before that of living humans. Result: it makes human guilty of family formation.

7. Massive waves of foreign immigrants are encouraged entry into Western nations to break bonds between tribe and neighbor that decrease notions of nationalism and patriotism while transferring fertility and economic resources from native people to foreigers. Result: it decreases relative population of native citizens.

All of the above decreases the reproductive rate

either directly through the killing of life, or indirectly by promoting guilt and alternative lifestyles that are incompatible with the creation of life. At the same time, immigrant populations are allowed to grow at a faster rate that the natives’ ability to reproduce.

Those who rule over us don’t need more Americans or European-derived people to cement their power and wealth within nations they control through government institutions and transnational organizations and corporations. How would it benefit them if a baby boom takes place among those from American conservative states that believe in the first and second amendments?

If you were king of the land, would you really want the type of people who are most likely to overthrow you to reproduce up to their biological maximum, or would you want to hurt their reproductive potential while pushing every degenerate cause under the sun in an effort to limit their numbers?

The elite have openly shared and discussed their plans. All you need to do when watching their interviews is to replace the buzzwords “population control” and “sustainable development” for “depopulation of Western natives.”

This is often done under the guise of curing third-world poverty or making the Earth “more livable” for Western children that will never be born.

Here are a few public statements that show how depopulation agenda is important to those who dictate government and corporate policy:

Prince Charles commenting on population control:

I could have chosen Mumbai, Cairo or Mexico City; wherever you look, the world’s population is increasing fast. It goes up by the equivalent of the entire population of the United Kingdom every year. Which means that this poor planet of ours, which already struggles to sustain 6.8 billion people, will somehow have to support over 9 billion people within 50 years.

John P. Holdren, Barack Obama’s top science advisor:

A program of sterilizing women after their second or third child, despite the relatively greater difficulty of the operation than vasectomy, might be easier to implement than trying to sterilize men. The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control.

David Rockefeller, gloablist who refuses to die:


Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, which successfully used abortion to decimate the black population in the United States:

The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.

Thomas Ferguson, former official of U.S. State Department Office of Population Affairs:

There is a single theme behind all our work—we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it….

Bill Gates

talked about using one of his foundations to play god in Africa and limit the population using biological means. It’s quite interesting to see a dorky looking geek so interested in population control, but then again his father served as head of Planned Parenthood.

Gates’ friend, Warren Buffet,

is also on board with depopulation. He gave $3 billion to his wife’s Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. Take a guess as to where that foundation donates most of its money? Planned Parenthood.

The tax records also show that most of the foundation’s spending goes to abortion and contraception advocacy and research. According to Access Philanthropy, a research institute that focuses on the giving preferences of foundations and corporate donors, family planning is one of the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation’s main purposes. The foundation’s nonprofit 990 tax form shows that in 2008, Planned Parenthood and its affiliates in the U.S. received about $45 million; the international arm of the organization got about $8 million. There is no line item for the Ryan program [pro-abortion organization] or the Family Planning Fellowship [pro-abortion organization]. But the foundation paid out around $50 million to universities with one or both of the programs.

By now you should note that the more sinister the individual, the more they are portrayed by the media as harmless, awkwardly geeky, and folksy (e.g. Mark Zuckerberg, the Google founders, and the CEO of Starbucks).

Agenda 21

The United Nations has an action plan called Agenda 21 that advocates for “sustainable development.” One way it does that is through worldwide promotion of feminism, which has the effect of removing women from the family home and into corporate workplaces that are under control by the same gloabalists in the UN club.

As any Western nation’s population chart can tell you, feminism goes hand-in-hand with depopulation. The UN offers confirmation that feminism is a great form of birth control since they consider it essential for “sustainable development,” globalist code for reducing the birth rate.

Dropping dead at 75

The former Chief Of Bioethics to the National Institute Of Health (NIH) is Israeli Ezekiel Emanual, who is brother to former Obama advisor and Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel. In an Atlantic article, he claimed that we should all consider dropping dead at 75 because it would save the government trillions of dollars. The most anti-ethical and chaotic arguments will come under the guise of ethics and world order.

Most corporations, whose sole motivation is profit for shareholders, have for some odd reason pathological soft spots for women and the environment. It’s no coincidence that empowerment of women into becoming corporate workers and mindless consumers shatters their reproduction while promotion of environmental concerns makes you not only guilty to have a family of your own, but inclined to give unwavering support and authority to globalist agendas that limit population in the “privileged” Western world while at the same time supporting the breeding of third-world immigrants to displace them.

Mistrust between man and woman through feminism

The government, media, and universities are deliberately trying to promote mistrust between man and woman through feminism, the myth of rape culture, and social justice ideas that allow a divide and conquer strategy to pit the sexes against each other, making every woman see a man as a potential rapist and every man see a woman as someone who could ruin his life.

The fact that men are scared to death of a false rape accusation or are fearful of being taken to the cleaners in divorce is a feature of depopulation-driven progressivism, not a bug.

A wedge has been driven between men and women so that you see each other as threats to your happiness and livelihood. It is by design that you are not capable or willing of doing anything more with a woman than mutual masturbation under the influence of alcohol that will not result in family creation.

Just in case you do want to make babies, a backup plan has been enacted so that reproduction will still not result: essentially all fertile young women are on birth control, encouraged to go on it after puberty. Even if she does become pregnant, the means to abort it will be so easy, especially with you convincing her to do so since coincidentally there are state and federal laws that enslave any middle class man who thinks having children could somehow serve his interests.

It’s important to understand that birth control doesn’t have to be only biological in the form of pills or abortion, but in the form of ideas and beliefs that instill fear and dread about reproducing by associating having a child with a loss of individual or consumer freedom. I wouldn’t be surprised if “men going their own way” groups are indirectly supported by the state to increase a man’s fear of reproducing with women.

In case you still have doubts that depopulation is the overreaching agenda of Western elites, I ask you to take a look at charts of fertility birth rates from World Bank data and ask yourself why isn’t there any concerted effort to reverse the declines? Why aren’t governments supporting natalist policies like in Russia that aim to seed future generations of natives to create a stronger nation that will endure the ages, instead of importing criminals and democratically challenged Mexicans or radical Islamists?


What’s amazing is that the US birth rate is below replacement rate even accounting for its fecund immigrants, showing that fertile peoples become effectively sterile once inserted into an environment that has been slated for depopulation.

Currently there is not one European nation west of Russia, even when including Eastern Europe, that has a fertility rate above that of the replacement rate. By comparison, the fertility rate of Niger is 7.56, four times that of the United States, but don’t worry, Bill Gates’ humanitarian “vaccine” program will take care of that problem when the time is right through his pet project, a birth control microchip that can be turned on and off by wireless remote.

Women’s rights + Immigration + Environment = cultural mechanisms of reducing population

The three main cultural mechanisms of reducing native populations is to program people to be concerned for women’s rights, third world immigration, and the environment.

This is why nearly everyone on the left, including SJW’s, are fanatically supportive of all three. Leftists have been soundly convinced of issues that lead to the destruction of the family unit, the breakdown of their society’s social fabric, and their own voluntary sterilization.

When you combine biological efforts that include birth control and abortion, you can see how Westerners have absolutely no chance of recovering their population compared to African, Middle Eastern, and Asian populations that do not currently face both cultural and biological bombs to reduce their birth rates, but will soon enough be targeted once the Westerners are sufficiently weakened and depopulation goals are met.

The first thing a new country entering EU to do is mandate a gay pride

You probably now understand why when Brussels accepts a new country into the European Union, the first thing they do is mandate a gay pride parade on the capital streets, and why they immediately start screeching about the need for more women’s rights.

This is the cultural attack that aims to limit the reproduction of that country so that their sovereignty can be easily dismantled within only two generations, an attack that begins even before they join the EU in order to “prove” they are ready to destroy themselves for the short term gain of big loans and free trade for that nation’s local elite.

Even the form of game, of one-night stands, was compatible with the depopulation agenda since reproduction would often not result from it.

While I would certainly agree with you that there are plenty of people currently inhabiting the Earth, I disagree that a small group of globalists at the top should be able to play Dr. Eugenicist and determine who reproduces or not without limiting their own reproduction, especially since their hypocrisy about caring for the environment is on full display as they fly around the world in their private jets to their numerous mansions.

They do not want you to impregnate a fertile 19 year old and have many home-schooled and ritalin-free children with her. Instead, you’re bombarded with messages to marry an aging spinster whose womb is likely already sterile and who can’t give you more than two children, which is not nearly enough to sustain the population.

Impossible these days to see images of large nuclear families represented positively in television or commercials

Perhaps in the 1950’s you were told that having a big family is the masculine thing to do, but it’s almost impossible these days to see images of large nuclear families represented positively in television or commercials, especially with women under 25 who are not already slaves to corporations and government propaganda.

The only way to defeat the evils of liberalism, feminism, social justice, and progressivism is to have huge families and create tribes that are free-thinking, self-reliant, and, most importantly, armed.

The men of the future who can resist totalitarianism and unjust government authority come from the wombs of the women living today, and those women must at some point be convinced that being stay-at-home mothers who raise strong men is superior to becoming zombie consumers who poison and sterilize their own bodies.

The last thing that those in power want is for women to pair-bond with independent, masculine men who do not need the state and who place more importance and loyalty in their blood relatives and nation than to leftist ideas, iPhones, and sports teams.


4 thoughts on “The End Goal Of Western Progressivism Is Depopulation

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  1. This article is a bit too long for reblogging, but it makes valid points. However, it ducks or the author(s) are ignorant of the one group that pushes this white genocide – the Jews. Doubt that? Behind every destructive Cultural Marxist social movement in the past 100 + years there have been Jews and Jewesses. As well, the Jews hate Christian civilization, thus they hate Christian families.

    It must be said that we do live in a finite world with an environment that has been harmed by man. We must remember the importance of conservation and stewardship so that future generations can have a livable planet. But, that said, we must reject coercive population reductions policies being forced on the world by the elites. With education, the developing countries can move to reduce the rate of their population increase, and as nations develop away from being solely agrarian societies they naturally see a lower fertility without coercion.

    The article is justified in its pessimism as to the ethnic European making a demographic comeback. Once anti-family and anti- child policies are put in place in a society, these are quite difficult to roll back. (And, anyone who dares to speak up for white people and their interests often gets smeared with being a “Nazi”.)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Very good article! I’ve forwarded this to everyone I know!

    It just affirms what I’ve been thinking in recent weeks, that liberalism/progressivism is really a depopulation agenda. In addition to abortion, feminism, and the promotion of homosexuality, socialism itself as an economic plan has resulted in millions starving to death, or being worked to death in gulags for going against the all-powerful State. I am still trying to fathom why anyone subscribes this evil diabolical agenda.

    Liked by 2 people

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