Transformation of Lebanon: a Prototype of the European Caliphate

(source) I was introduced to radical ______ when I was 10 years old when the ______s blew up my home as they shouted ______ ______, bringing it down and buried me under the rubble, wounded.

My only crime was that I was a Christian living in a Christian town. I learned at the age of 10 years old the meaning of the word infidel. I had a crash course in survival not in Girl Scouts but in a bomb shelter where I lived for 7 years of my life without electricity, with no water and very little food. To get some food I would crawl out under the bombs and the snipers bullets to gather grass to eat and we would crawl to a nearby spring to get some water.

At the age of 13 I dressed in my burial clothes getting ready to go to bed at night waiting to be slaughtered at the hands of the _____s and by the age of 20 I had buried most of my friends were killed by ______s. We were Christians living in Lebanon. I come from Lebanon.

Lebanon had open border policy

Many people do not realize that Lebanon used to be the only majority Christian country in the Middle East. We were open-minded, we were fair, we were tolerant. We had open border policy. We welcomed everyone into our country because we wanted to share with them the westernization which we had created in the heart of the _____ic world in the Middle East because of the majority Christian presence in Lebanon.

We were good in commerce. We focused on building the country. In a very short period of time Lebanon became Paris of the Middle East and the banking capital of the Middle East, but sadly because of our open border policy and our open-mindedness and tolerance and fairness we welcomed people who were not supposed to be in our country in the first place. ______s used to send their children to study in our universities because we had built the best universities in the middle east and the _____ic world.

Over 20 – 30 years they became the majority and we became the minority

They graduated and they stayed and worked in our economy because we had built the best economy even though we did not have any oil.

But even though we had the problems with the _____s especially as the population the ______ic population grew because of the multiple birth rates and we the Christians started shrinking because we simply do not get married to multiple wives like they do. We don’t have as many children as they. So over 20 – 30 years of this trend they became the majority and we became the minority.

And till the influx of the ______s out of Jordan, which we as a civilized country, as an open-hearted country, took them in. Here we took in a group of ______ terrorists. Yes sir, Arafat was kicked out of Jordan when he tried to overthrow King Hussein out of power. But because of the dictatorship of the King, King Hussein kicked them out and actually killed more ______s and Black September than the State of ______ has killed in all its existence.

We as a majority Christian country open-minded and fair and tolerant and multicultural, we were the only ______ic country that took a third wave of ______ refugees into the country. Once they came in, the majority of them were ______s, they put their heads together with the ______s in Lebanon and declared war on the Christians. And that’s when the Civil War began in 1975.

Using our laws to establish their presence and twist the laws to their side

I was 10 years old when the war started. Because of the presence of the _____s and because of the open border, a lot of people, a lot of ______s poured in from _____ic countries throughout the Middle East to help the _____s establish a presence in Lebanon. They wanted to use our open borders, our laws, our westernization, our fair and open mindedness against us, using our laws against us.

And we had many people in the country including many Christians who actually marched with the ______s. And the _____ist asking for more ______ic representations on the government for them.

The price paid for our open-mindedness, tolerance and multiculturalism

And this was the price that we paid for our open-mindedness and our tolerance of those who came into our country, who had no intention of assimilating with us, who had no intention of becoming a part of the Lebanese society and advancing with our Western advancement in the Middle East.

And once they became the majority wanted to impose their backwardness, their way of life, their way of being on us which brought our parts of culture down.

And today when you watch the news you are no longer seeing Lebanon as Paris of the Middle East. You are seeing Lebanon as a terrorist infrastructure.

Massacring and killing the Christians

Once the call of _______ was uttered by the combined forces of the ______s, regardless what their background was, they started massacring and killing the Christians. They would walk into the Christian towns. They would Massacre the elderly and the children as well as the men and women. They would walk into a bomb shelter. They would find a mother and a father hiding with the bomb shelter. They would have a little baby, take one leg of the baby, tie one leg to the mother and another leg to the Father and then pull the parents apart splitting the child in half.

And the trends that we saw happening in Lebanon, once the ______s and the _____s started massacring the Christians and they would walk into Christian homes and even some of them leftist who demonstrated with the ______ist and fought for. The _____s would kill them and they would tell them you were as infidels as any other infidel and neither there’s nothing but death.

They would walk in our churches. They would urinate and defecate on the altar using the Bible as toilet paper. They would crucify the Christian men on a cross and then put honey on their chests and their private parts so they can be stung by bees as they died slowly. This became the fate of the Christians during the Lebanese civil war.

Today the Christians in Lebanon are less than 20%. And during the Lebanese civil war a 160.000, an estimated 160.000 people died in Lebanon. 100,000 of them were Christians. So here we went prior to 1975 being majority of the population +65% to today being less than 20%.


This posting has been modified according Politically Correct (PC) Orwellian rules that prohibit discussion about any meaningful problems and mentioning of words that might hurt the feelings of some snow flake butt hurt professional offendees. This practice is designed to protect corrupt treasonous politicians and public disservants  as well as to facilitate the destruction of the current society and culture for the benefit of the powers that be.


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