7 intolerable deadly sins against the progressive “neo-Puritan” worldview: Racism, Sexism, Classism, Homophobia, Xenophobia, Islamophobia, and Climate-change denialism

‘Neo-Puritans’ want to punish you for ‘7 deadly sins of our era‘.

(source) If you think the Puritans of the 1600s were intolerant, you haven’t met modern American “neo-Puritans,” according to author Jack Cashill.

“[Nathaniel] Hawthorne described his 17th century forebears as ‘the most intolerant brood that ever lived,’” Cashill told. “But his Puritans were the picture of moderation compared to the progressive neo-Puritans who have dictated our morality now for the last few decades.”

Such people do not call themselves “neo-Puritans,” Cashill noted, but they wish to put the force of law behind their own conception of “morality” and punish those who “sin.”

This makes them similar to the Puritans. However, their idea of sin is different than that of the Puritans, or any other world religion for that matter.

Cashill identified the seven intolerable sins against the progressive “neo-Puritan” worldview: racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and climate-change denialism.

He warns neo-Puritans do not take kindly to those who commit one of these “sins.”

If you disagree with one, you’re not just wrong, you’re not just unenlightened – you’re immoral, you’re sinful, and you’re deserving of punishment in the here and now,” he said. “Not in the afterlife – there is none of that – in the here and now.”

Cashill came up with the idea of a religious theme while watching a documentary, a sign next to a church appeared onscreen that read, “Jesus liberates us from our sins of sexism, homophobia, racism, and classism.”

This caught Cashill’s attention.

7 deadly sins of our era

“Now if the signboard had been a little bit bigger, it would have had ‘Islamophobia,’ ‘xenophobia,’ and ‘climate-change denialism,’” he quipped. “Those are the seven deadly sins of our era, and God help the man or woman who violates one.

Cashill, pointed out hatred is the one sin that underlies the other seven: racists hate black people, sexists hate women, homophobes hate homosexuals, and so on. But if you think the neo-Puritans themselves are all about love, you would be wrong.

“Now the neo-Puritan elect, and this is the odd thing about them … they have less interest in celebrating their own values than they do in condemning those people who resist the celebration,” Cashill said. “They take joy in that. For them it’s almost as good as eating organic or occupying something.”

One example he cited was that of Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Christian bakers in Oregon who declined to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. Rather than simply finding another baker willing to bake them a cake, the lesbian couple filed a complaint, and an Oregon commissioner eventually ordered the Kleins to pay the couple $135,000 for emotional damages. He even slapped a gag order on them. But that was after intense public pressure from “gay marriage” supporters forced the Kleins to close their bakery.

The Kleins even tried to set up a GoFundMe page to help pay their fine, but this “neo-Puritan” website shut it down, saying it would no longer allow campaigns in defense of “discriminatory acts.”

Cashill noted sadly that Aaron Klein drives a garbage truck now that the neo-Puritans have destroyed his bakery. He said the Kleins’ case exemplifies the neo-Puritan model.

“It’s just not enough to share your offense,” he said. “You’ve got to enlist the state in your cause. This is where it begins to really approach the Puritan model, but the Puritans were a picture of mercy and rationality compared to what’s going on right now.”

He said it’s hard for modern people to know when they’ve offended the neo-Puritans. In fact, it’s too easy to offend them.

Case in point: former NFL quarterback Brett Favre received criticism from the Left for not clapping long enough or enthusiastically enough as the transgender Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner approached the stage to receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs.

Constantly finding new sins, new ways to be offended: like sharks, they have to keep swimming forward

He said the fairly recent invention of this new sin shows progressive neo-Puritans have no fixed ideology like the liberals of old.

“Progressives have no set fixed values today,” he charged. “They don’t. At the risk of tautology, progressives progress. If they believe in anything, they believe in progress, and they’re like sharks. They have to keep swimming forward because if they stop, they die… So they’re constantly finding new sins, new laws, new ways to [be offended].”

Totalitarian impulse is surely within neo-Puritans.

There’s no use in apologizing to the neo-Puritans

He noted mere tolerance is never enough for neo-Puritans. After the public learned Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich had donated to Proposition 8 in California, through which voters banned “gay marriage” in the state, progressives weren’t satisfied knowing Eich’s personal beliefs had no bearing on how he treated his employees.

Nearly 75,000 people signed a petition demanding Eich make “an unequivocal statement of support for marriage equality” or resign. Eich eventually resigned under intense national pressure.

Cashill said there’s no use in apologizing to the neo-Puritans, as former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers found out. As president of Harvard University in 2005, Summers spoke at a conference about why he thought women were underrepresented in top-level science and math professions. He speculated that part of the reason was success in those fields requires a huge time commitment that women with babies or young children simply can’t make. He also said the top 1 percent of IQ scores were statistically dominated by men.

Word of Summers’ comments leaked out to the media, and people accused him of sexism. Summers apologized repeatedly, but it didn’t satisfy the neo-Puritans, and Summers resigned his position a few months later. And several years later, President Obama passed him over for the Federal Reserve chairmanship in favor of a woman, Janet Yellen.

“If you apologize, that’s not enough,” Cashill said.”They’ll want you to grovel, and that’s not enough; they want your head. And when they get your head, they’re going to keep your head for the rest of your life.”

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  1. “Political correctness” got its start in the communist Soviet Union. This is what enables totalitarian states to come to power and stay there for a long time. Any belief system or ideology that conflicts with the official “correct” view is outlawed, and its adherents are imprisoned or killed. It is actually the polar opposite of classical liberalism, which upholds the necessity to have free and open debate, no matter how “unpopular” certain beliefs may be. Democracy cannot flourish when people are denied the right to have their own particular views.

    I’ve tried to explain this to modern-day “liberals” (always have to put this in quotes), but all I get is the sound of crickets in return. As Ronald Reagan once noted, “When fascism come to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” Liberals simply don’t understand that they are bringing about precisely what their forbears strove most to prevent.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Stephen, the term libtard applies here. These people have a fanatical adherence and allegiance to their ideology. Real world experience and rational arguments that counter the tenets of their ideological dogma are dismissed and ignored.

      Liked by 2 people

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