‘Hommunism News’ is Listed On Leftist Watchdog “RationalWiki” Among 430 Bad RightWing Sites

Vow! From now on the link to “Hommunism news” blog can be found on “RationalWiki“.

This is a big step. There is no bigger honor to a conservative blog than to be listed in leftists’ watchdog list of political (in)correctness with other 430 sites.

RationalWiki’s Winston Smith is not concerned of communist star atop the gay pride flag on the banner. No. Swastika is the only problem. Let’s talk about communist star AND the swastika (linked by gay pride flag) on the blog’s banner.


Homosexuality was decriminalized in Soviet Union in a short period from 1922 to 1934. After re-criminalization of sodomy, Harry Whyte (a British Communist Party member, who was a gay man living with a Russian gay partner) wrote to Stalin in May 1934, posed the question: “can a homosexual be considered someone worthy of membership in the Communist Party?”.

Comrade Stalin,

The content of my appeal is briefly as follows. The author of this letter, a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, requests a theoretical grounding of the March 7 [1934] decree of the USSR Central Executive Committee on [the institution of] criminal liability for sodomy. Since he strives to approach this question from a Marxist viewpoint…

Found in the Soviet archives, on the first page of the letter is a note written by Stalin:

“Archive. An idiot and a degenerate. J. Stalin.”

“Some claiming that up to 250,000 gay men were convicted in communist Soviet Union, although more recent calculations seem to indicate that the real figure was about 60,000.” [another enlargement?]  https://www.marxist.com/from-emancipation-to-criminalisation-stalinist-persecution-of-homosexuals-from-1934.htm

So, rational Winston would write “despite the fact that the COMMUNISTS targeted lgbt individuals“. But he/she/them/zi did not.


Only one word for rational Winston: Ernst Röhm (in fact two words).

The notion that the political left of that era was similar in its homophobia to the right-wing and centrist parties is challenged with a number of particulars showing that the goals of the homosexual movement were supported almost exclusively by the left, especially the Communist Party, and that leftist homophobia was an atypical exception.

Attention is also devoted to the active involvement of homosexual men in the Nazi movement and the destruction of the Weimar Republic, which casts doubt on the notion that homosexuals were merely passive victims of Nazi homophobia and persecution.

The possibility of a special affinity between homosexual men and the Nazi movement is explored using the example of the Nazi leader Ernst Röhm.

[Communists, Social Democrats, and the homosexual movement in the Weimar Republic.] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8666755

Better source for “heavy slant towards being ignorant” Winston is “The Pink Swastika” (PDF full) or the review “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party” It reports the strategies of the German homosexual movement to ensconce National Socialism (the Nazi party) and Adolf Hitler.

“Writing of those days in The Mass Psychology of Fascism, radical German sexologist and Hitler contemporary, Wilhelm Reich, warned that Nazi leadership was both ideologically and actually homosexual. Almost as an aside, Reich noted Nazi leaders such as “Bluher, Roehm…. Rosenberg” represented Hitler’s fascism, which was,Reich said, “a male state organized on a homosexual basis.”

Nazi party is founded in the smoky din of the Bratwurstglockl, “a tavern frequented by homosexual rough necks and bully-boys….a gay bar,” favored by Hitler’s closest comrade, Captain Ernst Rohm. 

Almost every biography of Hitler reports that Rohm was a flagrant homosexual and the only man Hitler called by the familiar “du.”

“Hitler’s beloved Storm Trooper Chief and founder of the Brown Shirts, the authors note, had a “taste for young boys.” Almost as close to Hitler as Rohm was Rudolph Hess, known for his dress-up attire as “‘Black Bertha’” in the gay bars of pre-war Berlin”

“It was under Rohm and his Storm Troopers that the records and books of “the Sex Research Institute,” were burned. Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, the Jewish “feminine” homosexual director of the Institute, maintained detailed records of his many court-referred sex offenders, including important Nazi rapists, and homosexual child offenders, pederasts. Rohm and other key Nazis who knew too much about Hitler’s criminal activities were killed for allegedly plotting against Hitler .

“According to Quigley in “Tragedy and Hope” (1966) Hitler’s intimate friend,Captain Rohm and his trusted homosexual cadre of Storm Troopers staged the famed burning of the Reichstag, along with other bully-boy tactics, to frighten people into supporting the Nazi party and Hitler.

Karl Fischer, a homosexual teacher, began the Wandervogel (a German version of the boy Scouts),

which became “The Hitler Youth” in 1933, under a well known pederast, Hans Blueher, who wrote of man-boy “love.” 

Gerhard Rossbach, homosexual Nazi leader of the Freikorps gave over leadership of the Schill Youth to Edmund Heines, a convicted Nazi pederast, and murderer, all under the watchful eye of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Brand, a homosexual child pornographer, one of many prominent “butch” homosexuals lived, wrote and entertained in Germany, undisturbed by the Nazis. 

Other homosexual and bisexual leaders documented in The Pink Swastika were Bladur von Schirach, Hitler Youth Leader;

Hans Frank, Hitler’s Minister of Justice;

Wilhelm Bruckner, Hitler’s adjutant;

Walther Funk, Hitler’s Minister of Economics;

friend and advisor Hermann Goering, Hitler’s second in command (who dressed “in drag and wore camp make-up”),

Hans Kahnert, who founded Germany’s largest “Gay rights organization (Society for Human Rights) which counted “SA Chief Ernst Rohm among its members,”

Edmund Heines, a pederast sadist,

Dr. Karl Gunther Heimsoth, a homosexual Nazi who coined the term “homophile,” and

Julius Streicher, an infamous pornographer and pederast who was very close to Hitler.

Emil Maurice, Hitler’s close personal secretary and chauffeur.

“The myths surrounding “The Night of the Long Knives” or the “blood purge” when supposedly only homosexuals such as Rohm were murdered by Hitler. Quigley offers another interesting insight, saying that “Most of the plotters were homosexual”. He adds that many of those who knew the truth were murdered in March and April while “ Most of the Nazis who were in on the plot were murdered by Goring during the “blood purge” of June 30,1934”

In “The Hidden Hitler”, German a professor of modern history at Bremen University in Germany Lothar Machtan states “to fully understand the Third Reich, one must realize that Hitler was homosexual and understand the homoerotic nature of the Nazi movement.” On page 138 Machtan writes that despite the fact that he had a Jewish forebear “Maurice and his brothers would remain in the SS.” One of the Rohm purge assassins, apparently Maurice had secured a blackmail strategy that preserved his life even after the war. Machtan seems to suggest Maurice was bisexual while Lively and Abrams cite Maurice as homosexual.

Most histories of World War II (see especially Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of theThird Reich”) report Hitler’s ties to the “notorious” homosexual, Ernst Rohm and other males within his coterie.The Pink Swastika notes, if anything, that sex laws under Hitler’s Reich Minister of the Interior Henrich Himmler were largely tolerant toward the “2 million” Germans Himmler said were registered in homosexual organizations in 1933, for “only repeat offenders can be incarcerated.

Whether there were 1 and a half million (Hirschfeld) or 2 to 3 million (Himmler), of these at most 10,000 German homosexuals were sent to work camps. Of these, 6,000 died and 4,000 were released.The 6,000 homosexual deaths would represent German homosexuals who would have been “fems,” largely despised by the homosexual power elite but also Jewish,Italian, Asian, Black, Communists, Marxist homosexuals and the like.

Both Socialisms: National and INTERNational

Homosexuals were involved in both socialisms, National Socialism (aka Nazism) and International Socialism (see Communist International). Both socialisms used homosexuals, just like globalist NWO elite will do after accomplishing the sheeple depopulation: Jaffe Memorandum (1969)

Jaffe Memorandum (1969)

And: “The New Order Of Barbarians


“Rational” means “based on or in accordance with reason or logic”. RationalWiki describes the mágnum crimen of one other blog : “…thinks there are only two genders and mocks and invalidates non-binary genders “. After all biology and after 2000 years “THE REASON” is suddenly changed: we have not only two types of organs between our legs, but 50,60,70 or more. And THIS is the “new reason” RationalWiki’s “rational” is based on.

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  1. If you are irritating the Left, take that as an indication that you are doing something right. Your posts must have struck a nerve or two with them. Keep on fighting.

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