A professor at Harvard Law and a true SJW (which makes this whole story a lot sweeter) Gets Lesbian Pregnant and Gets Punked by Lesbian’s Trans Lover And Her Boyfriend

Men are stupid.


I said it.

I said it despite being a man.

(source) Because as long as a woman meets a minimal floor of aesthetic appeal she can convince a man that he’s incredibly attractive and charming. That floor, of course, is a function of the desperation of the man to feel attractive, the floor can be so low that reasonable people could mistake it for a sub-basement (see Schwarzenegger, Arnold). Oddly enough, the men who most often do the most stupid things for women are those who believe they are smarter than everyone else.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this sad case via, naturally, Twitter.

Kurt Schlichter@KurtSchlichter

If you thought the Trump-crazy psychologist article was insanely funny, wait to you read what the social justice dumbass bought into…


Is Bruce Hay the Most Gullible Man in Cambridge? https://www.thecut.com/2019/07/bruce-hay-paternity-trap-maria-pia-shuman-mischa-haider.html …The Harvard Professor and the Paternity TrapA law professor who teaches a class on judgment wouldn’t seem like an obvious mark, would he?thecut.com9212:15 AM – Jul 24, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy66 people are talking about this

Key facts.

Our hero, Bruce Hay, is a professor at Harvard Law. He’s a true social justice warrior (which makes this whole story a lot sweeter) who claimed that Gorsuch’s confirmation would make Trump an authoritarian (The only thing standing between Trump and authoritarianism: the supreme court). He’s not a very accomplished male though. At the time of the sad, sad events I’m about to recount, he’d been divorced for 16 years but was still living with his ex-wife in a celibate way but was not allowed to pick up any strange along the way.

Hay has been legally divorced since 1999, but he lives with his ex-wife, Jennifer Zacks, an assistant U.S. Attorney in Boston, and their two young children…Since moving back in with his ex-wife in 2004, he says, their relationship had been mostly platonic, and the two had an understanding that if either of them wanted to see other people, they’d have to move out.

Then he meets a girl:

On March 7, 2015, Harvard Law professor Bruce Hay, then 52, was in Tags Hardware in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near his home, when a young woman with long reddish-brown hair approached him to ask where she could find batteries. It was still very much winter, and, once the woman got his attention, he saw that underneath her dark woolen coat and perfectly tied scarf she was wearing a dress and a chic pair of boots — hardly typical weekend-errand attire in the New England college town. When he directed her to another part of the store, she changed the subject. “By the way, you’re very attractive,” he remembers her saying.

At this point his alarms should have been going off, but often with men our fail-safe devices don’t function as designed…or maybe they do function as designed…either way, when a (sorta) attractive woman about 30 years your junior hits on you in a freakin hardware store, you would be forgiven for laughing in her face.

They hook up, sorta.

He didn’t mind that a physical relationship was probably off the table — he was taking antidepressants, which often hampered his ability to enjoy sex anyway. Then, on the day Shuman told him she was leaving for New York on her way back to Europe, Hay says, she invited him to her room at the Taj Hotel in Boston, started kissing him, and led him to her bed.

By the way, did I mention that this girl thought Hay was so hot that she turned straight? Because she’s a lesbian with a transgender ex-wife…and three children.

She was now 32, an accountant with young children. Hay says she told him she had two toddlers she was co-parenting with an ex-wife, who lived in London. File under friendship, Hay thought. Shuman also told him about the friend she was staying with, Mischa Haider, a brilliant trans woman pursuing a doctorate in physics at Harvard who was struggling with crippling depression. Hay, who also battled depression, listened with particular interest.

Then comes the kicker:

Six weeks after they broke off contact, Shuman called Hay to tell him she was pregnant with his baby. She hadn’t had sex with another man in the past year, she said. Hay was stunned; he hadn’t ejaculated during either of their encounters, a side effect of his medication. But he understood that pregnancy was possible, if rare, without orgasm. Shuman said she was weighing whether to terminate the pregnancy, then quickly followed up by saying she’d made the decision to carry to term — she was due in January.

And the trans ex-wife of the lesbian? Well she has a boyfriend.

Hay’s relationship with the women could be intoxicating. Even in an international, liberal college town like Cambridge, Hay had never encountered anyone like them, “nearly perfect people” who were “bright and kind and sweet to their children and socially conscious,” and whose family composed a striking, distinctly modern portrait: Haider, a loquacious, impassioned Indian-Pakistani trans woman physicist, the mother of two children (who call her “Maman”) birthed by the sultry, soft-spoken French daughter of a major Jewish American songwriter (she’s called “Sumi”). (Haider’s boyfriend Klein, Hay later discovered, also helped raise the children, who refer to him as “Daddy.”)

And this guy thinks his own ex-wife will be totally fine with it all:

Hay wanted both families to meet, certain that they could find a way to make peace. “I had this crazy idea that everyone could get along, that Jennifer would like them,” he says.

Somehow this woman seems to have a magnet for truly dumb men who think they are smart. Eventually Hay discovers she pulled the pregnancy thing on another guy. They had sex once and ended up in court…

Oddly, one key fact eluded the attention of everyone in the court: Shuman’s first child’s birthday is December 10, 2011–two years after their encounter.

Hay doesn’t think he’s the father but there is the whole woke thing that he’s a part of so he can’t doubt her word.

Not only did he trust Shuman, he felt it would have been insulting for a heterosexual cisgender man to question a professed lesbian as to whether she’d had sex with other men

I can’t go on but this is the synopsis:

Over the next four years, the law professor would be drawn into a “campaign of fraud, extortion, and false accusations,” as one of his lawyers would later say in legal proceedings. At one point, Hay’s family would be left suddenly homeless. At another, owing to what his lawyer has described as the “weaponiz[ation] of the university’s Title IX machinery against Hay,” he would find himself indefinitely suspended from his job. He would accrue over $300,000 in legal bills with no end to the litigation in sight. “Maria-Pia and Mischa want money,” Hay told me last summer, “but only for the sake of squeezing it out of people — it’s the exertion of power.”

As you read this, keep in mind that this is a Harvard Law School professor. This is a guy who thinks he is smarter than you, and knows more than you, and should be able to run your life for you. As you read this, also remember that not only did this happen but he encouraged someone to write a story about it. If this had happened to a normal man…and who among us has not done profoundly stupid and unwise things in the hope of getting the favors of some young woman…he might tell this story to a close friend as they got blind staggering drunk. He certainly wouldn’t tell it to people who are going to publicly mock him.

Anyway, read the whole thing. I guarantee you one thing, even as you shake your head in disbelief you will never, ever feel an ounce of sympathy for him because he’s just that much of a self-absorbed douche.

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