The world must know the truth: Delhi unrest was a genocidal anti-Hindu riot, not the other way around

(source) With a death toll of fewer than 60, the Delhi unrest has been exalted as a Muslim “pogrom” by politicians and comedians alike. “Widespread anti-Muslim mob violence,” says Bernie Sanders. India’s Prime Minister was “ethnically cleansing” India’s “religious minorities”, declares an equally India-illiterate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Both are trying to attract votes of Muslim Americans by castigating India, largely the Hindus.

So it’s about time the world knows what went down in Delhi from February 23 to March 1, 2020. In November 2019, the Indian government formulated the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), a law to grant citizenship to persecuted Hindus who have taken refuge in India from neighboring Islamic countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan (which were once part of undivided India).

This act of kindness was not perceived well by the Muslims who constitute about one-third of the country’s population. Violent demonstrations flooded the roads, railway stations were attacked, trains wrecked, buses set afire. Muslim youth such as Sharjeel Imam encouraged his followers to cut off Northeast India from the mainland. Muslim politicians such as Waris Pathan, in communally charged speeches, said “15 crore Muslims were more than a match to 100 crore Hindus.” Still, the Hindus didn’t reach for weapons.

In Delhi, an ocean of Muslim women and rabid anti-CAA demonstrators blocked a Muslim-dominated neighborhood, connecting the city’s major areas. They demanded the rollback of CAA, a law that didn’t alter the status of Indian Muslims in any way, shape or form.

This prolonged gathering made the lives of daily commuters insufferable. 44-year-old Mayawati’s critical condition deteriorated further as protestors didn’t let the ambulance pass through Shaheen Bagh. Imagine the busiest thoroughfares of your city being blocked for months, cutting you out of your workplace, schools, hospitals, and more. That is what Delhiites were being put through.

On February 23, BJP leader Kapil Mishra gave a verbal ultimatum to women who had been squatting at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi for over two months. The next morning, a pro-CAA crowd arrived at the site and refused to move until the anti-CAA mob disbursed. The scuffle gradually led to, what should be known as, the genocidal anti-Hindu riot in Delhi.

But there is something about the way they have mastered the art of attacking, and then playing that famed victim card. Every genocidal attack on the Hindus in this part of the world, by their Muslim fellow citizens, has attracted massive sympathies for the latter. It happened in Gujarat, in Kashmir, and now it was happening in the national capital.

Reckoned as a “Muslim Pogrom” by liberal media worldwide, the Delhi unrest was actually an anti-Hindu riot orchestrated by Muslims for days, if not months of calculative planning. Muslim mobs baying for Hindu blood were out on the streets; they came prepared with weapons.

A gun-wielding rioter, Mohammad Shahrukh, opened 8 rounds of fire and stood firm, pointing his pistol in the face of under-equipped police personnel. After his pictures went viral, a senior journalist from the liberal camp, Ravish Kumar, tried to sell him as a Hindu, Anurag Mishra. But alas! He was arrested, and his identity was revealed also.

One of the first victims of these mobs was 20-year-old Dibar Singh Negi, who worked in a sweet shop. After his hands and legs were chopped off with swords, he, still alive, was tossed inside the shop already set aflame, to be charred to death. American politicians don’t care about this unspeakable brutality, because it was done to a Hindu by the Muslims.

On February 25, the dead body of 26-year-old Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer Ankit Sharma was recovered from a sewer. As per postmortem reports, Sharma was stabbed 400 times over a period of 4 to 6 hours, by multiple people. His intestines were torn apart. Forensic doctors shivered, saying they had never seen such mutilation in their lives. Eyewitnesses state that a ferocious Muslim mob had dragged Ankit to the house of a local Muslim leader, Tahir Hussain. Video proofs of Hussain’s rooftop littered with stones, petrol bombs, acid emerged soon after.

An unruly Islamist mob sheltered at Hussain’s house attacked neighboring Hindus with stones and country-made bombs, vandalized a Shiva temple, and ruined the wedding ceremony of a Hindu girl who would address Tahir as “Bhaijaan” (elder brother). They tried blowing up the house by setting fire to a gas cylinder, didn’t succeed, and resumed hurling petrol bombs at people.

Hussain, who is now in police custody, has the full support of his brethren. While the radical Islamist outfit Jamat-e-Islami backs him unequivocally, the eminent writer-lyricist of Bollywood Javed Akhter pulls out the victim card, asserting that the accused murderer was being targeted for being a Muslim. The naked truth, however is that the barbaric killing of IB Officer Sharma wins no liberal sympathy, because he is a Hindu.

The fear among the Hindus was so intense that they cut off their kalawas (holy string tied around the wrist by the Hindus) and removed the “Jai Shree Ram” stickers from their vehicles to conceal their religious identity, after Vinod Kumar of Maujpur was mercilessly beaten to death for bearing a “Jai Shree Ram” sticker on his bike, by a homicidal mob chanting “Allahu Akbar, Nara e Taqbeer”. His lifeless body was dragged away from the spot, while his bike went up in flames.

Hindu establishments and properties were blown to smithereens by Muslim mobs that came in thousands. Muslim women armed with acid and stones attacked the city police, which had its hands tied with law and formalities. Feroz Khan, who runs the acid factory, Deepak Bund, is suspected of have supplied acid during the riots.

The Hindu-owned DRP school in Shiv Vihar was turned into a bonfire by Islamist rioters, who used the Rajdhani Public School, merely 10 meters away, as its war base. Owned by Mohd. Farooq, the rooftop of Rajdhani school was supplied with improvised slingshots for launching petrol bombs, and huge containers of rocks and acid. Radicals entered DRP school through ropes connected from Mohd. Farooq’s school and ran a mad rampage in the property, leaving classrooms, toilets and furniture of DRP completely gutted, and an unarmed Hindu man, Dinesh Kumar, killed.

What swept India’s national capital in February 2020 was an outburst of Islamic supremacists’ rabid odium for forces that obstructed the establishment of an Islamic caliphate in India. There is no other explanation of this violence wrongly attributed to the CAA, a law which has not stripped a single Indian Muslim of his citizenship. The Delhi riots were a genocidal attack on the Hindus, and must not be propagated differently.

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  1. I admit that I am abysmally ignorant of India, internally and vis-à-vis its external surroundings. But (1) I don’t much like what I read about Modi; (2) I really don’t much like what I read about Kashmir (I think it’s routinely termed “IOK”). I’m open to enlightenment, but I am not confident that this piece is not a one-sided “hit piece”-cum-propaganda.

    Why is there no author/reporter cited here with bona fides? no media-or-independent source of attribution? no date? After I post this, I’ll do what I should have done earlier: I’ll click on “Source” and see what I find.


      1. A big Hmmmmmmm. When I went to the site, paged-down to the very ending graphic, and found “David Horowitz Freedom Center…,” my antennae began waving wildly. He’s a Zionist non pareil, and his stock in trade is Islam bashing for the furtherance of Zionism. That’s not okay with me. If it’s okay with you, I’ve become enmeshed here in something that makes me extremely uncomfortable and even soiled by the very association.


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