Give ‘em an inch and they’ll take a mile: Hommunism

(source) You know the saying that is often meant for children, “Give ‘em an inch and they’ll take a mile.” Let me refresh your memory:

  • In the 80’s, homosexual activists wanted to be left alone and not discriminated against. Sounded fair enough. So they got lawmakers to amend the Illinois Human Rights Act. And that opened Pandora’s Box.
    • In the 90’s, homosexual activists claimed that all they needed was a domestic partnership registry so that they could visit their partners in hospitals. They got what they asked for
      • and before the ink was dry, they suddenly needed an upgrade to same-sex “civil unions” so their joint possessions would be treated like a married couple’s possessions. They got what they asked for
        • and before the ink was dry, they were fighting to redefine the institution of marriage. While that tragic day will go down in history, it still wasn’t enough.
          • In the years that followed, the homosexual agenda morphed into the LGBTQIA+ agenda in which they vigorously pursued legislation for
            • hate crime laws, [and communism-like “Political Correctness”]
            • bans on counselors from treating minors who struggle with same-sex attraction and gender confusion,
            • mandates for schools to teach impressionable students in K-12 about the “roles and contributions” of homosexuals and opposite-sex impersonators.
            • Furthermore, they joined forces with feminists in an effort to pass the federal Equal Rights Amendment, which, if ratified, will remove all gender distinctions in over 800 federal laws, irreparably hurting women. They now demand the Equality Act, which will force employers and workers to conform to new sexual norms or lose their businesses and jobs.

This step-by-step homosexualization led to political correctness. Political correctness is a communist tool. Hommunism is the communism achieved by homosexualization.

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  1. Reblogged this on larrysmusings and commented:
    Has there been overreach here? We are begging the question. Why do we allow small but vigorous pressure groups to redefine societal norms? Why do we allow non-elected jurists to engage in social engineering that is unmoored from both common sense and traditional values? Food for thought for the citizenry.

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