Riots for Neo-Liberalism: ANTIFA & BLM Are the Global Elites’ Useful Thugs

(source) The iconoclastic fury we have witnessed this summer in the U.S. and Europe is driven by global capitalism’s attempt to destroy everything that stands on the way of its fullest takeover of human society. Western Culture is one such thing.

The Italian writer and movie-maker Ennio Flaiano (1910-1972), who lived through fascism (1920s and 1930s), WW2 and Italy’s post-war economic miracle (1950s and 1960s), once famously remarked:

fascists fall into two categories: fascists and antifascists.”

He was referring to the belligerent, intolerant attitude he saw on the left, especially, but not only, among far-left radicals.

Like all political categories, fascism has different shades of meaning, but it is really a byword for politically motivated violence.

And just like a mutant virus evading the host’s immune system, intolerant people and belligerent mobs only need to label themselves “anti-fascists” to indulge in violence without a spade being called a spade.

The global elites see the spade, though. And use it.

Blind, Unwitting Adherence to the Mainstream Narrative

Antifa: Was wollen Linksradikale? (“What do left radicals want?”) is a reportage shot in Berlin by team Reporter.

“What kind of Germany do you imagine?”, asks the journalist to a few local Antifa activists who uncharacteristically agreed to speak to the media:

“First of all, there will be no Germany”, is the reply.

“One would wake up in a world without borders, in which every human being is welcomed. And everybody has the same rights.”

This might sound all very John Lennon, but the fascist wolf in the anti-fascist sheep’s clothing shines through.

On his black cap, the interviewee bears the inscription “Killing Nazis”.

He advocates burning company premises such as Coca-Cola; describes extremism as a “necessity”; and justifies violence as a means to an end.

German far-left extremists committed 9,849 crimes in 2019 alone, up by 23,7% from 2018, according to figures released by the Verfassungsschutz (“German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution”).

If the thug element is apparent, so is the useful idiot one.

“What does motivate you in the first place?”, asks the journo.

“I stand up for human rights. I’ve seen many videos of the refugees camps. All those refugees drowning. I thought I must do something”.

“Radical left extremism is necessary to get politicians act”, adds the activist, “because look at Friday for Future. Nothing happened afterwards”.

What is striking about Antifa’s (and, to a lesser extent, BLM’s) ideology is its utter adherence with the mainstream narrative:

  • human rights,
  • refugees crisis,
  • climate emergency.

No Borders, Please. We’re the Bosses’ Watchdogs

The Italian Neo-Marxist philosopher Diego Fusaro has formulated a syllogism to unmasks Antifa’s & BLM’s activists, whom he brands as “fuchsia brigades”, as opposed to the red of the real, Marxist left:

  1. The bosses want open seaports, to circulate goods and commodified people [the migrants].
  2. The fuchsias brigades defame those who oppose open seaports as fascists.
  3. The fuchsias brigades call their pathetic struggle against everything that opposes the bosses, of which they are the watchdogs, “fight against fascism”.

The “No Border” ideology is thus functional to the delivery of a, as Marx would call it, “reserve army” of uprooted, quasi-slave African Labor.

Cancel Culture: Paving the Way for Markets Totalitarianism

But the globalists agenda does not stop here.

Enter Antifa’s & BLM’s iconoclastic fury – destroying statues, etc.

Theirs is not a generic “appetite for destruction”, to quote a famous hard metal song. It is a targeted, iconoclastic appetite for destruction.

And it is that iconoclastic fury that, more than anything else, characterizes Antifa’s and BLM’s riots and mass protests this summer in the U.S.A.

So much that commentators had to find a name for it: “cancel culture”.

The question is: Why this cancel culture, why now?

To paraphrase Lincoln’s definition of democracy, the global elites’ vision is that of a society 1) of markets, 2) run by markets, 3) for the markets.

Since the end of the Cold War, bits 2 and 3 have turned into reality.   National governments are ever more heavily influenced and restrained in their scope by international organizations far away the reach of citizens and very close to the reaches of multinational companies.

We are already in a society run by markets – via the smokescreen of international organizations and governance -, for the markets, witness the ever-growing concentration of economic power in few hands (Jeff Bezos’s wealth is comparable to Spain’s GDP).

What most people still do not realize, is that the global elites are now into bit 1, the creation of a society of markets, and not solely, as it already is, run by markets, for the markets.

Capitalism Unbound: One Step to Total Victory

The central insight of the Italian Neo-Marxist school of philosophy – Costanzo Preve (1943-2013), and his star disciple Diego Fusaro – is that global capitalism, to triumph, needs to erase everything – not just

  • trade unions,
  • universal healthcare and
  • free education, but also
  • family values,
  • biological sex identity,
  • religions,
  • nation-states, etc. –

everything that does not have a price, and as such poses a limit, an obstacle to the realization of the cash-nexus society, in which all human relations are expressed as financial transactions.

Western culture, its classical and modern heritage, its heroes and founding fathers, being irreducibly different from financial transactions, hence not for sale, is on capitalism’s way to global dominion.

The society envisaged by the global elites is one in which people interact with each other solely via the cash-nexus, points out Fusaro – all non-financial relations having turned into financial relations or dissolved.

As long as something exists – natural child-bearing, caring for one’s elderly parents, faith in God, love, friendship, patriotism, historical memory, etc. – that cannot be expressed in financial terms, as long as something – anything – not for sale survives from the old, pre-globalization world, then Capitalism will be bounded by it.

But like a fourth stage cancer, global capitalism knows no boundaries and destroys everything on its path.

And it has several tools at its disposals – from “humanitarian wars” abroad to “anti-fascist” mobs at home.

Those are really two sides of the same coin.

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  1. Okay, let us look at this rationally and truthfully.

    First, Germany had this same violent crap going on in the 1920s and early 1930s. This is where the “Antifa” name comes from. Violent communists and leftists that were only finally put out of business by Hitler and the National Socialists (never use the term “Nazi” as the National Socialists never referred to themselves or their party with this derogatory term. Hitler’s economic miracle in the 1930s cannot be denied and was the envy of the world at that time. The Left has wanted to destroy Germany since World War One times.

    Second, make no mistake the current Pontiff of the Catholic Church, Francis is okay with this leftist fairy tale dream. He is infatuated with the idea of one world government, which will be a tyranny. Thankfully, many Catholics are now waking up to the dangers of this revolutionary Pope.

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