Boston physician vouches for the Moderna coronavirus vaccine that almost TOOK HIS LIFE

(source) A Boston physician was nearly intubated after taking the first dose of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine. Boston Medical Center’s very own, Dr. Hossein Sadrzadeh, suffered from a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine.

The vaccine injury was an acute medical emergency, occurring within minutes of the injection. The shot increased his heart rate almost immediately. In minutes, his tongue and throat started to tingle before going completely numb. He administered an EpiPen, something he kept on his person due to his history of shellfish allergies. This wasn’t enough to stop the reaction. Dr. Hossein needed medical intervention quickly as his blood pressure dropped dramatically, falling below what was detectable on the monitor.

The doctor was admitted to the ER on Christmas Eve for “shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations, and numbness” after receiving Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine. The doctors administered Benadryl and steroids immediately.

Vaccine injured doctor encourages people with allergies to get the shot “in a hospital setting”

On Christmas Day the vaccine injured doctor began to feel normal again. “I feel that if I did not have my EpiPen with me, I would be intubated right now, because it was that severe,” he said after being discharged. He said the experience was the worst allergic reaction he had experienced since he was 11 years old.

Even though he was almost intubated due to the effects of the vaccine, the doctor still recommends that people with allergies get the vaccines as soon as they become available, as long as it’s “in a hospital setting.”

“I really don’t want anybody to go and experience this and go through this event that I had,” he said. In the spirit of medical malpractice, the doctor still believes the vaccine is important, though. He just wants all vaccine recipients to be aware that they too could suffer an allergic reaction. He believes its important for individuals with allergies to have emergency medical care available to them when taking the vaccine.

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