The Self-Destruction of Women & How that Effects Western Civilization

(source) Of course, from the very start… not all women are participating in this destruction, but enough that they might actually succeed.

Here is how…

There is a protective and nurturing spirit found in all species that use nurturing as a survival technique. It has served well, or else that particular species would have gone extinct.

It’s illegal, but there is a method to stimulate a doe to no longer care to be cautious, to stay hidden and safe. A man recorded the sound of a baby deer in distress, can broadcast it from a point in the middle of the field, and a doe will come out onto the open attempting to rescue that baby, even if it isn’t her own. It is something innate, something they have little control of, and indeed, though they put themselves in real danger, it must be a viable defense mechanism, a mode of survival, or it would not be part of the species.

Human women are like that too. They are full of feelings that can not be denied, emotions that run deep, that control their very nature, with reactions to stimulus that most men seemingly do not posses, or adequately understand… and I must say it is most confusing and amazing to behold… like the bond of a mother and child, the protective nature that women possess, where they speculate a thousand scenarios of a situation so they can be prepared for anything. It is so beautiful, so awesome to watch, and in the nature of men, a great protective love has developed to guard them from all harm…

The world back then had their own set of dangers, and so too does our world today. The dangers are life threatening, possibly different, but just as real, but that same primal instinct is still found in the heart of a woman, still a powerful affirmation of survival.

The female way of thinking was considered dangerous to a society

It’s hard for our modern sensibilities to comprehend the fact that many past societies denied women the freedoms we all take for granted today. For instance, it was just a hundred years ago, in our very liberty minded culture, that women were denied the ability to vote. Men were seemingly in power, and saw women to be mostly incapable of subjective thinking, incapable of an understanding of the very nature of what might be considered rational, intellectual, and incapable of formulating a game plan, a future, without having emotions as the primary driving force. This female way of thinking was considered dangerous to a society that chose a Constitutional Republic based on law, where we may vote a leader to represent our interests. They saw that women would vote with their heart, and not their intellect., and sorry to say, but they were right.

There are women, and God bless their souls, who actually hear a baby crying on the other side of a gate built by her own people to protect her sovereignty, and opens it wide. Illegal aliens will rush in trampling her underfoot to get to the welfare state she and her group promised them. She finds it incredulous that they didn’t show her any regard, as they were lawless, and disrespectful to the ideals of fairness she holds so dear to her heart. She is dumbfounded to realize that all people are not good Christians, and if given the opportunity, would rape and kill her for sport.

You see, that need to run out onto the open to save and protect still exists, and it has played havoc on our American way of life. So hungry to be equal, some women have transcended traditional boundaries that once was a cohesive cultural force for survival, and it has threatened our very survival, not only on the family, but as a nation.

Women have united, in one form or another, and have tried to influence every aspect of our culture and traditions that took thousands of years to develop for survival and harmony, and they are dissolved and crushed under the weight of their ability to change.

The family is in real trouble

Suddenly there are women who demand the second amendment be abolished, that guns are the primary reason there is so much violence. Because they seek direct competition with men in the marketplace, the family is in real trouble, with weak natured boys without a father figure, children out of wedlock, the breakdown of morals and ethics, abortion on demand and abolishment of the sanctity of life, open borders and the flooding of migrants that have no skills comparable to the needs of an industrialized society, a cultural mindset and a religion that is virtually incompatible to the survival of our culture, our way of life… diminished, weakened, and absorbed.

Women push for jobs that were traditionally done my men. Labor jobs, military jobs, jobs that require high stress and physical strength and endurance to accomplish, and find that when the chips are down they haven’t the ability to function. Long hours in the field as an engineer, the ability to drag a wounded warrior from the theater, the ability to stay poised without emotions that dominate the moment… is being realized at great expense. Men, who once left his home to brave the elements, competition from other tribes, wild animals and hundreds of dangers, are belittled by powerful and dominate women of today, considering it toxic. In the Process, our boys, who have been genetically bred for a hundred thousand years, or more, to cohesively function with a partner of like mind, are at odds as to what that entails in this new age of ideals, where suddenly the puzzle pieces no longer fit.

The new woman, looking for self worth, does not have to diminish masculinity to achieve it. The bond that pulled us together as a survival technique has served us well since Time immemorial. Let us revel in each others arms, two pieces of the same puzzle.

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