Climate Change Project is Globalized Socialism

(source) The Riddle: What climate does climate change change? The Answer: The political climate of course. Let me explain. Pollution and climate change are two separate issues. Environmental pollution is a man-made problem that humans can and should remedy. Taking responsibility for our behavior is a necessary part of civilized life and eliminating environmental horrors like the Great... Continue Reading →


Greenhouse Theory (CO2,CH4) Is Wrong – ALL Gases Are Greenhouse Gases

(source) 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere is made up of two gases: (78%) nitrogen (N2) and (21%) oxygen (O2). Neither is considered an IR-absorbing/re-emitting greenhouse gas (GHG) like (0.041%) carbon dioxide (CO2) or (0.00018%) methane (CH4). Utilizing real-world Raman spectrometer data, an independent researcher from Sweden has found both N2 and O2 do indeed absorb... Continue Reading →

CO2 is found to be not guilty … new paper

11/05/2015 The Grey Enigma Leave a comment Go to comments Originally posted on pindanpost: Dr David Evans, an extraordinary WA scientist who once worked for the Climate Commission, until he learned that the warming agenda wasn’t right, has produced his long-awaited new paper showing that CO2 has little influence on climate. The man-made portion of... Continue Reading →

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