COVID Was Released to Cover up the 5G-Debacle? Dropping Dead on the Streets is Filmed Only in Wuhan, Not in Italy, Spain…(Video)

The same disease? You bet. First videos from Wuhan were showing people dying suddenly on the streets. After the initial Wuhan phase it was never filmed again. Not in Italy, Spain, USA or anywhere else in the world. Is it too much conspiracytheory-ish to think that it was due to switching the 5G to the... Continue Reading →

Engineer Explains Hard Science Behind the Propagation of 5G into the Human Body

(source) Before we begin, let’s look at what 5G is. 5G is the fifth generation of cellular communications. 1G was deployed in the 1980’s and it was those old-school phones that only very wealthy people had. These phones were about 6” x 6” x 12”, plus or minus a few inches. 2G came after that.... Continue Reading →

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