All the things leftists have advocated have only made us more vulnerable to COVID-1984

(source) One fascinating thing about COVID-19 is how it's turned every leftist theory and belief system upside-down.  All the things leftists have advocated have only made us more vulnerable to epidemic disease.   COVID-19, in many ways, may prove to be the undoing of leftism.  Here's a short list of all the leftist ideas that are taking a beating... Continue Reading →

The Orwellian Sexual Revolution

(source) Why it is lots of anxious material about LGBT stuff, when that kind of thing doesn’t appear in the actual life? The Sexual Revolution is the most important social event of our era. It has overturned many of the structures, practices, and ways of thinking that ordered human life for ages and ages. It... Continue Reading →

After America was “Fundamentally Sexually Transformed”, Child rape has become Big Business in America

(source) It’s the second most-lucrative commodity traded illegally after drugs and guns as child sex trafficking. Adults purchase children for sex at least 2.5 million times a year in the United States. Globohomo achievement: boys make up 36% of children in the U.S. sex industry It’s not just young girls who are vulnerable to these predators, either. According... Continue Reading →

Decade in review: Marital norms erode

2009 (source) A decade ago, President Barack Obama affirmed that marriage unites a man and woman. So did 45 states and the federal government. The only states to redefine marriage had done so through activist court rulings or, in 2009, legislative action. At the ballot box, citizens had uniformly voted against redefinition. A majority agreed with Obama. 2012 Then, in... Continue Reading →

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