Trans Today, What Tomorrow?

(source) There is no standing still on the societal front either. Look how quickly the transgender movement followed Obergefell.  It would be folly to imagine that this “achievement” would placate progressives – as if transgenderism were the goal to end all goals.  So one logical question is: what comes next? We will continue to degenerate in... Continue Reading →


Fakestream LibMedia: Big Headlines, Then TinyLate Corrections

(source) CNN, MSNBC, Time, AP, The New York Times, NBC News, ANC News, Washington Post, Newsweek, ProPublico, TMZ, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Reuters... Here is the collection of screenshots of CORRECTIONS:                                                  ... Continue Reading →

Irish Referendum Was Rigged

(source) In any other country on planet earth, a gaping chasm of 22 percent between opinion polls and official results would be laughed off the stage. Last week's Irish abortion referendum was rigged. The official result was - get this -  a preposterous 22 points - yes 22 points! - out of step with the final opinion... Continue Reading →

School Shootings and the Sea of Loneliness 

(source) Another mass shooting, more innocent lives lost and more communities shattered. America struggles to understand why the violence continues. What are we missing? America has failed miserably in how it treats those with mental illness and violent tendencies Several layers of law enforcement and social programs often also fail to do their jobs, such as... Continue Reading →

Occam’s Condom

(Source) If you’re a black woman living in Los Angeles County—you are six times more likely than a white woman living in LA to have syphilis. Your odds are a little better vis-à-vis Latinas, but not by much—you are still about three times likelier to have The Syph than those small, brown, and friendly women who... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Natural

(source) I continue to be amazed at what we are teaching our children.  Those (whoever they are) that are in charge of what is being taught to our children in America’s public schools have lost their stinking minds. They’re “public” schools, you know.  Meaning that what is taught is what is commonly seen as “normal”... Continue Reading →

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