What America Has Done To its Young People is Appalling

(Source) Critics are perhaps too quick to judge America’s young people, citing declining SAT scores, obesity, drug overdoses, addiction to smart phones, bizarre alterations of personal appearance and high rates of (alleged) mental illness. It’s just too easy to be annoyed at how some of the cashiers at the local grocery store seem unable to... Continue Reading →


The Religion of Leftism

(source) Over the last decade, America has moved drastically to the left. Not only are more people on the left than ever before, the left is further left than it’s ever been. This radical brand of progressivism has come to be known as “leftism”—an extreme yet increasingly dominant segment of the political spectrum. At the same time, America has... Continue Reading →

Google offered Stasi HQ for new Berlin office

Google is searching Berlin for some trendy real estate to call home – a place that reflects the company’s unofficial, recently scrapped motto, “Don’t Be Evil.” (source) The tech giant had originally planned to open its Google Campus startup hub in Berlin’s uber hipster district of Kreuzberg, but disaster soon struck. Party-pooping locals organised against the move,... Continue Reading →

Is miscegenation bad for your kids?

(source) Mixed-race couples mysteriously now dominate so many TV commercials. MSM good news: Edinburgh University’s Dr Peter Joshi and his team, analysed health and genetic information in 100 studies conducted worldwide, including details on more than 350,000 people, living in both urban and rural areas. They did find that “genetic diversity” (their term for “mixed-race”) is associated with higher... Continue Reading →

What Makes a Nation: The Case of Japan

(source) In nearly every way, Japan puts us to shame. Whether it is crime rates, literacy, GNP growth, investment rates, life expectancy, or even the yearly number of patents per capita, Japan is well ahead of us and of nearly everyone else. People who visit Japan are tempted to think that the Japanese are just... Continue Reading →

The Kavanaugh setup becomes clear

(source) With each passing day and with each bit of information that seeps out about Christine Blasey Ford, it is clearer and clearer that what the Democrats have done to Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been a setup from the outset. Most of us are relatively naïve, ready to believe what our news outlets put forth.  We... Continue Reading →

Who Voted for Trump? [Understanding Trump Voters]

(source) Almost 2 years after, “What happened?” many people wonder. How did Donald Trump, the most unlikely presidential candidate in American history, ace Clinton and her party out of the presidency? Was it a mere fluke? This, of course, is the explanation favored by many Democrats and even some Trump-averse Republicans. Or perhaps Trump’s victory... Continue Reading →

How a scientific paper on male variability was made to disappear

Alternative title: "Funny things happened on the way to the politically correct science vomitorium" (source) A couple years ago, Ted Hill (“Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Georgia Tech.”) decided to write a paper about a topic called the Greater Male Variability Hypothesis, which asserts that there is generally more variability in various traits among males than females. This... Continue Reading →

Cultural Collapse Theory

(source) It was Joe’s first date with Mary. He asked her what she wanted in life and she replied, “I want to establish my career. That’s the most important thing to me right now.” Undeterred that she had no need for a man in her life, Joe entertained her with enough funny stories and cocky... Continue Reading →


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