Things you are not allowed to say anymore

dark-skinned Indian Indian burn Indian giver Native American Aboriginal colored yellow cracker gypsy ali-baba ching-chong guido Lyman Caucasian minority ethnic exotic urban refugee foreigner spicy latina black sheep uppity octoroon pickaninny hillbilly white-trash illegal immigrant illegal alien Uncle Tom retarded stewardess masseuse waiter waitress carpet muncher circle jerk trashy bossy sweetheart honey housewife chick stacked... Continue Reading →

An Idiot’s Guide to Destroying Your Country in Six Easy Steps

(source) Is this a premeditated act of self-annihilation or simply a series of foolish choices? Before a nation can be effectively destroyed from within it is necessary first that it be owned lock, stock and barrel. An independent, freedom-loving people are less easily controlled than one that is effectively ball and chained, which brings us... Continue Reading →

The Problem With Treating Leftists as Adults

(source) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced “The Green New Deal,” Kamala Harris has a plan to offer discounted housing loans based on race and Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke wants to take down the southern border to make America a better place.  The methods of just these three Democrats would not only destroy the transportation, real estate, and... Continue Reading →

2 + 2 Now Equal Five

(source) Huxley’s Brave New World: a world in which an elite might control the rest of us through the erasure of history and literature, but who might also pacify common citizens through the diversions of sex, drugs, and electronic entertainment. Orwell’s totalitarianism and Huxley’s horrific utopia might blend together. That political and cultural elites might seek... Continue Reading →

The Fetishization of Islam in the West

(source) Adherents to Islam – Muslims — are not rare on planet earth. They comprise a quarter of the world’s population, and yet they are treated in the West as though they are delicate flowers on the verge of extinction. They are above criticism and are not responsible for any of the atrocities that come... Continue Reading →

Boeing’s Diversity and Inclusion Pronouncements Should Make Us All Uneasy

Is one's preference for a particular style of recreational sexual behavior is an indispensable predictor of air traffic control ability? (source) Former air traffic controller Willie Shields reveals that “Along with under-reporting system failures, the FAA started conspiring, almost openly, with leftist groups like the Black and Hispanic Controller's Coalition. Gay and lesbian organizations started... Continue Reading →

Western Culture Has Died A Politically Correct Death

(source) It is amazing the power that politically correct kooks have acquired over language, art, and literature. It is a sign that the West is culturally dead. When high museums rename paintings because some emotional weakling declares the name to be offensive, it becomes obvious that the custodians of Western culture have lost their belief in... Continue Reading →

Socialism Sells

(source) The Democrat presidential candidates are moving ever further left, and they’re dragging their party with them. They’ve introduced a wave of radical legislative proposals that have struck a dangerous resonance with millennials. In fact, Gallup reports that young Americans are souring on capitalism. Less than half, 45 percent, “view capitalism positively . . .... Continue Reading →

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