Sweden: How feminist emasculation broke a State

(source) Sweden is proud, today (2017), to say that it has a woman president and a largely female Cabinet. This is lauded by feminists the world over. Yet Sweden is unable to provide the basic level of protection that its own citizens require. And those who suffer most are women, who are the victims of... Continue Reading →


A Message to Young Women from a Career Woman

(source) A few weeks ago, a woman named Jennifer called in my radio-show. Every young woman should read what she said: "I'm 50 years old with four college degrees. I was raised by a feminist mother with no father in the home. My mother told me get an education to the maximum level so that... Continue Reading →

Emasculated West Primed For A Muscular, Muslim Takeover

(source) Programed as they are in feminist myth-making, journalists, young and old, often ask incredulously, "Why would western girls travel to join ISIS fighters?" "ISIS men don't believe in equality between the sexes." At heart, neither do women. Not when hormones rage. Islamic State projects strength. Strength is an aphrodisiac. Women are biologically programmed to be... Continue Reading →

Modern Life Has Broken Many Women

(source) Modern life has broken too many women. They have been on birth control pills for 30 years, their hormones are shot, they have had multiple abortions, they live with the regret of killing their own children. They drove away any man who ever loved them or tried to love them. Their grown children (if... Continue Reading →

How a scientific paper on male variability was made to disappear

Alternative title: "Funny things happened on the way to the politically correct science vomitorium" (source) A couple years ago, Ted Hill (“Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Georgia Tech.”) decided to write a paper about a topic called the Greater Male Variability Hypothesis, which asserts that there is generally more variability in various traits among males than females. This... Continue Reading →

50 Years of Sexual Revolution: the Result

(source) Fifty years after the sexual revolution promised female empowerment through casual sex “without consequences,” scholars are looking into the far-reaching social effects of that revolution. “Unlike our forerunners in 1968, those of us living today now have access to something they didn't -- 50 years of sociological, psychological, medical, and other evidence about the... Continue Reading →


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