American Gyno-Stalinism on the Ruins of Shagadelic Utopia

Comrades! 170 years ago, Karl Marx began his Communist Manifesto. Marxism has since been upgraded with many new features and functions. The revolutionary class is no longer the workers, but the white-color coalition of identity pressure groups, spearheaded by transsexuals and financed by international currency manipulators. Imperialism and colonialism were replaced with globalism and mass... Continue Reading →


Love is Woman’s Stock-in-Trade

(l. Matthew Broderick & Ally Sheedy in WarGames, 1983) Western women have been tricked into pursuing power instead of love. Paradoxically, they never have been so powerless. They want to be loved but no longer have love to offer in exchange.  "Any girl who grows to womanhood without knowing that love is her supreme value has been spiritually raped. Feminine spirituality... Continue Reading →

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