Sterile Mimicry: How Cultural Homosexuality Destroys Modern Women

(source) Despite living in a world where women have been given unprecedented access to employment, educational opportunities, positions of leadership, and personal freedoms, it seems women have fallen into a deeper existential malaise than ever before, with antidepressant use at an all-time high and a crisis of anxiety and mental health particularly among college-aged women.... Continue Reading →

Feminism replaces women fertility years with anything, making them childless

(source) I have a lilac bush in front of my house. It looked like this. For ten days. Now there is not a single blossom left. The moral of the story is that, despite our hedonistic proclivities,sex appeal is tied to fertility and procreation. Women have about ten years to attract a mate and start a... Continue Reading →

Modern Feminism’s Enemy: Womanhood

(source) Today's feminists can't abide that which makes women inherently different from men. Women across the West are under attack. Our enemy is not the infamous “patriarchy,” allegedly scheming to undermine us at every turn. Nor is it pregnancy, with its physical discomforts and emotional tribulations. Even children are blameless here, no matter how much... Continue Reading →

Feminisation leads to Third-Worldization

(source) Topics: In all feminist societies you have massive third-worldization, lowering of IQ | Barbarism is the last stage of feminism | The most successful women today are those with the weakest genes | Feminised groups will open their borders (and their legs) to everyone | Women – third worlder minority alliance | Suffrage coincided... Continue Reading →

Winners and Losers in the Marriage Marketplace

(source) Only about half of all Americans are married now, down from more than 72 percent in the 1960s — and the declines continue. Worse, the share of Americans who have never married has been rising steadily in recent decades, as more adults are living with a series of partners instead of marrying. Not surprisingly the... Continue Reading →

The Truth about Men, Women, and Sex

(source) The “Weinstein avalanche” highlights three stable observations about men, women, and the relationships they form. Ignoring them in the name of virtue signaling will not help. Three Blunt—but Essential—Truths First, men’s sex drives are, on average, stronger and less discriminating than women’s. Men’s arousal patterns are effective at commanding their attention. With this biological tendency comes... Continue Reading →

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