Where Are the Children?

(source) Suppose you asked a group of university students “What is the greatest problem facing the world today? Many might suggest climate change. Given our present battle with coronavirus, some might cite pandemics. Others would surely bring up overpopulation. Few, if any, would mention plummeting birth rates in developed countries. Nations as diverse as Poland,... Continue Reading →

The Boy Crisis, The Dad Solution

"Dad deprived” children suffer in more than 70 different areas in comparison to children who are “dad-enriched” (source) Dr. Warren Farrell is co-author (with John Gray of Mars/Venus fame) of the “The Boy Crisis.” While Dr. Farrell identifies ten causes of the boy crisis, he found that by far the biggest cause is a lack... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Motherhood

(source) We live in a no-brainer age in which the very concept of motherhood is now under attack. Thus we must come to the defence of mothers and motherhood. This seems odd, given how valued mothers have been throughout human history. Mothers provide invaluable benefits to all, and their work is priceless. As Ann Crittenden... Continue Reading →


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