Transformation of Lebanon: a Prototype of the European Caliphate

(source) I was introduced to radical ______ when I was 10 years old when the ______s blew up my home as they shouted ______ ______, bringing it down and buried me under the rubble, wounded. My only crime was that I was a Christian living in a Christian town. I learned at the age of... Continue Reading →

Defeating math of immigration: The Myth Of The Beneficial Influence Of Immigration

(source) "As Africa’s population... will be coming - many of them and that is a good thing ...we will be senile. We will be senescent demographically. We’ll need their youthful energy to do stuff. So, that is just what the economic statistics tell you and the demographic data demands, you know... and demography is destiny."... Continue Reading →

Emasculated West Primed For A Muscular, Muslim Takeover

(source) Programed as they are in feminist myth-making, journalists, young and old, often ask incredulously, "Why would western girls travel to join ISIS fighters?" "ISIS men don't believe in equality between the sexes." At heart, neither do women. Not when hormones rage. Islamic State projects strength. Strength is an aphrodisiac. Women are biologically programmed to be... Continue Reading →

What Makes a Nation: The Case of Japan

(source) In nearly every way, Japan puts us to shame. Whether it is crime rates, literacy, GNP growth, investment rates, life expectancy, or even the yearly number of patents per capita, Japan is well ahead of us and of nearly everyone else. People who visit Japan are tempted to think that the Japanese are just... Continue Reading →

When Islam’s Largest Army Came: The Siege of Vienna, 1683

(source) Earlier this month, when Polish lawmaker Dominik Tarczyński was asked how many “refugees” Poland has taken in, he flatly responded: “Zero.” When the British interviewer, whose nation has taken in millions of Muslim migrants, scoffed, “And you’re proud of that?” Tarczyński  responded: “We will not receive even one Muslim, because this is what we promised… this is... Continue Reading →

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