Does Parental Support for Gender Dysphoria Help Teens? (Avatar example)

(source) Let’s try a thought experiment. What if your daughter were to believe that she is actually a Na'vi humanoid from the film Avatar? You are baffled. The Na’vi are ten feet tall and have blue skin and yellow eyes. Your daughter is five foot six inches tall and has olive skin and brown eyes. You... Continue Reading →


Transgenderism Is Homosexuality For Even More Severe Mentally Ill Than Regular Homosexuals

(source) A teacher comments: I would be sued and lose my job for what I’m about to reveal here, if my identity were known. I am a teacher at a very socially liberal arts school in a major American city. I have seen the entire gay marriage fight play out over the decades, from cultural fringe... Continue Reading →

Why I supported my autistic daughter’s social transition to a man (and I regret)

(source) FightingToGetHerBack lives in the United States with her husband and 17-year old daughter Zoe. Four years ago, Zoe made the surprise announcement that she was transgender. FightingToGetHerBack shares her personal story to illustrate how even smart, educated parents can be emotionally blackmailed into supporting their children’s transition.   For almost a year, I actively supported my... Continue Reading →

Gay agenda iluminata

The illuminati gay agenda is a deceptive strategy with demands we neither want nor consent such as the anti-family, anti-heterosexual, anti-God and anti-society policies. by Mark C I am a gay man fully awake to the New World Order plan. I am not a lone voice speaking out in the gay community. The majority of... Continue Reading →

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