Don’t Ignore The Child’s Perspective On Gay Couples Commissioning Babies

(source) Every week or so, another glossy article is published about a gay couple (or single) who has created children with the help of the ever-growing fertility industry.  The latest: “Gay Men Increasingly Turn to Surrogates to Have Babies.” The article gives an emotional, sympathetic picture of two adult men who used technology to achieve what their joint... Continue Reading →


Ignorance, Fear, and LGBTQ

(source, written by Lloyd Marcus) Mary and I met with several relatives for dinner at a restaurant in Baltimore. The jovial conversation drifted to politics. I was stunned that they know nothing about several important political issues. Because they only watch mainstream media, my relatives are either misinformed or uninformed. My relatives have never heard of... Continue Reading →

Violence and Homosexuality

(source) In 1992 two Jeffersonville, Indiana lesbians, aged 17 and 16, abducted a 12-year-old girl whom they accused of trying to “steal a girlfriend.” The little girl was pushed into the trunk of a car, stabbed repeatedly, and beaten with a heavy metal bar. While still struggling, they poured gasoline on her and set her... Continue Reading →

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