Heartwarming proof that little children are instinctively pro-life

(source) Earlier this week, my wife dropped by our pro-life office over lunchtime with our toddler daughter. As we chatted with coffee, Charlotte began to wander through the office to do some exploring, poking here and there to see what she could find. There wasn’t much that was fragile around that she could break, so I... Continue Reading →

The Eco-Gospel According to Saint Autistic Greta

(source) Teenage eco-evangelist Greta Thunberg, who has gone on school-strike to force politicians to 'panic' about 'climate change,' has addressed the House of Commons and even met the Pope, has proved such a hit among like-minded individuals that she is regarded as a living saint. Environmentalism is fast becoming a religion, and there is even... Continue Reading →

Childless “Future” of Europe

(source) European politicians prefer not thinking that future is impossible without children, which is a bad example for people. The heads of leading European countries, all of them do not have their own children: Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May, President of France Emmanuel Macron, ex-Prime Minister of... Continue Reading →

The End Goal Of Western Progressivism Is Depopulation

Making the Earth “more livable” for Western children that will never be born (source) It’s clear that there is a conscious scheme to control the human population through both cultural and biological means, which allows the elite to sustain or elevate their power and wealth. If you live in a Westernized nation, you have been bombarded with... Continue Reading →

Why White Men Fall for Asian Women

(source) In places as different as multicultural Paris and rural Germany, I have met white men who have dated and even married Asian or Indian women. Why would tall, high-IQ, good-looking European men who have plenty of options prefer black haired, dark-brown eyed, exotic woman to native Nordics? It seems that all these men started... Continue Reading →

Is The Flu Shot An IQ Test To Eliminate Stupid People?

thedailysheeple.com/video-is-the-flu-shot-an-iq-test-to-eliminate-stupid-people_122017 Is the flu shot a nationwide IQ test or experiment being run by globalists to “thin the herd” and eliminate people who are stupid enough to line up for flu shots?  One YouTube channel has tackled this very issue, and their take on it is extremely unnerving. The Health Ranger uploaded a video back in... Continue Reading →

Millions Miss Out on Joys of Grandparenting by Following Liberal Lies on Abortion

townhall.com/columnists/jerrynewcombe/2017/12/07/millions-miss-out-on-joys-of-grandparenting-by-following-liberal-lies-on-abortion-n2419308 An acquaintance once asked Winston Churchill if he had shown the statesman a picture of his grandchild. Churchill replied, saying something like: “No. And I have forgotten to thank you for that.” I must confess to being an overly satisfied grandparent. It is an unbelievable blessing and joy. But tragically, tens of millions of... Continue Reading →


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