A large-scale insane asylum completely devoid of rationality or reason

(source) If you put a few mice in a large box with plenty of food and water, they will multiply until the box becomes overcrowded and filled with feces. When the food runs out, the mice start killing and eating each other until the entire population collapses and dies. Sh###ing in the streets Today in... Continue Reading →

Globalization ROI: 15% Depopulation "Made in China" (“Expose Everyone and See What Happens”)

(source) As the coronavirus pandemic continues to explode across China, the communist Chinese regime faces a desperate choice. If you run the factories and pretend the outbreak isn’t real, you keep the economy humming but you end up sacrifice a large number of workers who get killed by the coronavirus pandemic. While China currently claims a 2.1%... Continue Reading →

Modern Feminism’s Enemy: Womanhood

(source) Today's feminists can't abide that which makes women inherently different from men. Women across the West are under attack. Our enemy is not the infamous “patriarchy,” allegedly scheming to undermine us at every turn. Nor is it pregnancy, with its physical discomforts and emotional tribulations. Even children are blameless here, no matter how much... Continue Reading →

After America was "Fundamentally Sexually Transformed", Child rape has become Big Business in America

(source) It’s the second most-lucrative commodity traded illegally after drugs and guns as child sex trafficking. Adults purchase children for sex at least 2.5 million times a year in the United States. Globohomo achievement: boys make up 36% of children in the U.S. sex industry It’s not just young girls who are vulnerable to these predators, either. According... Continue Reading →

The Boy Crisis, The Dad Solution

"Dad deprived” children suffer in more than 70 different areas in comparison to children who are “dad-enriched” (source) Dr. Warren Farrell is co-author (with John Gray of Mars/Venus fame) of the “The Boy Crisis.” While Dr. Farrell identifies ten causes of the boy crisis, he found that by far the biggest cause is a lack... Continue Reading →

Feminisation leads to Third-Worldization

(source) Topics: In all feminist societies you have massive third-worldization, lowering of IQ | Barbarism is the last stage of feminism | The most successful women today are those with the weakest genes | Feminised groups will open their borders (and their legs) to everyone | Women – third worlder minority alliance | Suffrage coincided... Continue Reading →


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