The World Through the Eyes of a Globalist

(source) So let's say you are a globalist. You were born to wealth and real privilege, educated at Harvard (or Yale or Columbia). You came of age assuming that as one of the blue bloods, your destiny is to help shape the new world order to come. Your name may be unknown. This doesn’t bother you. If... Continue Reading →

How the Left Creates Fake Studies to Fabricate Right-Wing Terrorism

(source) After weeks of violence, Democrats have some public relations needs to redirect attention away from the awfulness of leftism. Insert the latest report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which concludes that the greatest domestic threat comes not from leftists or Muslims, but from right-wing terrorists! The CSIS study's findings are not new.  The New America Foundation (NAF)... Continue Reading →

The Catastrophe of Fatherlessness

(source) Much of the mayhem we see today is linked to fatherlessness. Around this time we celebrate Father’s Day. But fathers in our culture have not recently appeared very important—at least according to Hollywood and other culture-shapers. We used to have programs like “Father Knows Best” or “Leave It to Beaver” with a respectable father... Continue Reading →

The thinking person’s guide to LOCKDOWN LUNACY

(source) For anyone willing to look, there are so many facts that tell the true story, and it goes something like this: Knowing what we know today about COVID-19’s Infection Fatality Rate, asymmetric impact by age and medical condition, non-transmissibility by asymptomatic people and in outdoor settings, near-zero fatality rate for children, and the basic... Continue Reading →

How the banking cartels profit from engineered crises

(source) It has become evident that the coronavirus epidemic is a psyop of colossal dimensions. It is worth looking at who gains from the shutting down and self-inflicted wounds of the economy. Pharmaceutical corporations: vaccination, microchips, toxic elements -> illness -> more drugs Well, it is obvious that the pharmaceutical corporations gain, especially if they can achieve... Continue Reading →

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