A professor at Harvard Law and a true SJW (which makes this whole story a lot sweeter) Gets Lesbian Pregnant and Gets Punked by Lesbian’s Trans Lover And Her Boyfriend

Men are stupid. There. I said it. I said it despite being a man. (source) Because as long as a woman meets a minimal floor of aesthetic appeal she can convince a man that he’s incredibly attractive and charming. That floor, of course, is a function of the desperation of the man to feel attractive,... Continue Reading →


The Left’s Gender Identity Movement (Derived From Feminism) Is Successfully Erasing Women By Transgenderism

(source) Gender identity, as a category, is essentially a misogynistic idea because it erases women. I think now this is taught in schools as though it's just obvious, that there is biological sex and gender identity and that those are totally separate. No. There is no such thing as gender identity. This is a completely... Continue Reading →

Coming Out as Catholic

(source) I have a friend who came out to me recently – as a Catholic.  “I identify as Catholic,” she told me. “I didn’t know there was a name for what I was at first, and I grew up in a community that was constantly mocking Catholics. But deep down, I always knew I was different. And when I found... Continue Reading →

From ‘Bake My Cake’ to ‘Wax My Testicles’

(source) Surely we live in the best of all possible worlds — or at least in the best of all possible Canadas: A B.C. Human Rights Tribunal hearing devolved into repeated outbursts and name-calling this week as it considered a transgender woman’s complaint that a home-based salon discriminated against her by denying her a Brazilian... Continue Reading →

The Problem With Treating Leftists as Adults

(source) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced “The Green New Deal,” Kamala Harris has a plan to offer discounted housing loans based on race and Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke wants to take down the southern border to make America a better place.  The methods of just these three Democrats would not only destroy the transportation, real estate, and... Continue Reading →

Depopulate to repopulate–an ancient formula for control

The word that describes what our founders rejected is feudalism. Today it's called socialism (source) Progressives, under the guise of Social Democrats and, now, the mainstream Democrat Party, have fully embraced the concept of depopulation. The bull’s eye is boldly painted on the back (because cowards won’t face their adversary) of anyone who still believes in God,... Continue Reading →


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