Operation Vaxx-all Deplorables: Codename; “Satan’s Poker”

(source) What’s going on in Israel? Has anyone figured it out yet?

  • Isn’t Israel the most vaccinated country in the world?
    • It is.
  • Haven’t half of all Israelis already been vaccinated?
    • Yes, they have.
  • Haven’t 90% of all Israelis over 60 (the age-group most likely to die from Covid) already been vaccinated?
    • Yes.

Then how did “Israel manage to double the number of deaths it accumulated in the prior ten months of the pandemic”…”within two months of intensive inoculation with the Pfizer vaccine“?

And, why did “Israel’s Covid-19 cases… spike sharply during the first month of the … mass vaccination campaign.“?

And, why “after just 2 months of … mass vaccination” are

  • “76% of new Covid-19 cases.. under 39.
  • Only 5.5% are over 60.
  • 40% of critical patients are under 60.”?

Did the vaccinations shift the direction of the infection to a different demographic or have the vaccines created a more virulent strain of the virus that targets younger people?

And, why have more pregnant women suddenly entered “critical care” while Covid-19 cases among infants have soared by whopping “1,300%? (from 400 cases in under two-year-olds on November 20 to 5,800 in February 2021).”

And, why have Orthodox Jews and the Israeli Arabs experienced a sudden and dramatic shift in cases and fatalities when both groups had similar numbers prior to the vaccination campaign? Here is an excerpt from an interview with journalist Gilad Atzmon who explains what’s actually happened: (See the entire interview at The Unz Review--Go to 20 minute-mark)

“Once the vaccination campaign started, we saw a very interesting shift. While the Orthodox Jews went en masse to get “the jab”, the Palestinians (Israeli Arabs) did not follow this pattern. In the early stages of the vaccination campaign, in January, we saw a rise of 15 times as many morbidity cases in the Orthodox Jewish segment while we saw a significant drop (in morbidity) in the Israeli Arab segment. By not taking the vaccine, the level of morbidity dropped sharply. It was then that I began to figure out there was a connection between vaccination and morbidity.” (NOTE–The above questions are all taken from articles by Gilad Atzmon at The Unz Review, listed below)

So, what does it all mean? What do these disturbing results tell us about the most aggressive vaccination campaign ever conducted in a country that was effectively sealed off from the rest of the world? (Israel is still in lockdown)

They tell us two things:

  1. They tell us that the media is spreading disinformation about Israel’s fictitious success in fighting Covid-19.
  2. They tell us that the vaccinations created a new strain of the infection that may be more contagious and more lethal than the original.

Here’s how Atzmon summed it up:

“The evidence collected in Israel points at a close correlation between mass vaccination, cases and deaths. This correlation points at the possibility that it is the vaccinated who actually spread the virus or even a range of mutants that are responsible for the radical shift in symptoms above.” (“Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Admits Israel Is the ‘World’s Lab.’”, Gilad Atzmon, The Unz Review)

Bingo. The vaccines are the source of a new mutation that is being blamed on the Brazilian, South African, UK or any other “variant” diversions that are being invoked to create a credible excuse for what the authors of this farce already know to be true: That the vaccines themselves may be

  • the source of the problem,
  • the source of the demographic shift,
  • the source of the new cases,
  • the source of the new hospitalizations and
  • the source of the new fatalities.

It’s worth noting, that we are dealing with a 100%-synthetic cocktail that is designed to do precisely what it is now doing in Israel, UK, Portugal, UAE and all the other countries that are currently injecting large portions of their populations with this toxic substance.

The media confirms that the vaccines not only work as designed but that Israel has effectively prevailed in its war against the deadly pandemic. But is it true?

No, it’s not true, and “the World Health Organization’s (WHO) chief scientist, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan” even admitted it’s not true. Here’s what she said: “I don’t believe we have the evidence on any of the vaccines to be confident that it’s going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on.” (COVID 19 News Watch Archive, Children’s Health Defense)

So, what does that mean?

Most people get vaccinated because they think it will prevent them from getting sick and dying.

It means the vaccines don’t do what they’re supposed to do. They

  • neither prevent one from contracting Covid
  • nor do they stop the infection from spreading to others.

So, on the two most critical issues, the vaccines fail. They do, however, relieve Covid symptoms for which they are reportedly 95% effective. But that’s not why people get vaccinated. Most people get vaccinated because they think it will prevent them from getting sick and dying. The media has a responsibility to point this out, but of course, they do the exact opposite and try to paper it over with disinformation.

Overall positive tests are rising, and R is above 1, indicating the epidemic is spreading. This comes with most adults vaccinated and nearly the entire high-risk population fully vaccinated….. Alex Berenson

So, let’s cut to the chase: What is it we really want to know?

We want to know if Atzmon is right: 

  1. Is there “a correlation between mass vaccination, cases and deaths”?
  2. We want to know if vaccinated people are actually spreading the virus?
  3. We want to know if the vaccines have created a new, mutant form of the virus that is more contagious and deadly than the original? 
  4. We want to know the mRNA vaccines doing more harm than good? And,
  5. we want to know if the vaccines are reducing Covid cases or increasing them, reducing hospitalizations or increasing them, and reducing Covid fatalities or increasing them?

We may be precipitating the biggest global public health crisis in history. There’s simply no way to know how many people will needlessly die or suffer irreparable physical harm due to the hasty implementation of a potentially-genocidal program that was authored and supported by billionaire activists and their allies who settled on mass vaccination as a means for achieving their own deranged political objectives.

Is our “extensive and erroneous human intervention” (the vaccines) “going to wipe out large parts of our human population”? Have these vaccines turned “a relatively harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destruction?” Have the “current COVID-19 vaccines”… “increasingly turn vaccine recipients into asymptomatic carriers who are shedding virus”?? Are we now facing the biggest and most deadly public health disaster in history?

We think this insidious vaccination Frankenstein is going to trigger an avalanche of late-developing diseases and mental afflictions that will plague the world for the next century or so. And, no, we do not accept that this bloody assault on humanity is accidental. Quite the contrary. The only reason that toxic injections — would be put into service without having undergone long-term trials (to determine their safety), would be if mass vaccination factored large in the political agenda of the perpetrators. And that is precisely why the dissembling media has deliberately ramped up the public hysteria to fever pitch just before the campaign was launched.

The obvious goal was to make the population as submissive as possible before herding them into inoculation. All of this suggests that the global vaccination campaign is a premeditated criminal operation designed to advance the agenda of elites.

“Since Israel morphed into a nation of Guinea pigs, a virus that used to prey on the elderly and those with severe health issues has now changed its nature completely….

The evidence collected in Israel points at a close correlation between mass vaccination, cases and deaths. This correlation points at the possibility that it is the vaccinated who actually spread the virus or even a range of mutants that are responsible for the radical shift in symptoms above.

When Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was asked by NBC whether one could infect others after receiving two doses of the vaccine, Bourla admitted:

“It is something that needs to be confirmed, and the real-world data that we are getting from Israel and other studies will help us understand this better.”(“Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Admits Israel Is the ‘World’s Lab.’”, Gilad Atzmon, The Unz Review)

Did the CEO of Pfizer really admit that he didn’t know whether his vaccine worked or not? Did he actually admit that his vaccine could be contributing to the spread of the virus?

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