Why are people dying after getting the Covid vaccine? Pathologists now have answers.

(source) Dr. Jessica Rose, a PhD computational biologist, molecular biologist and immunologist, conservatively calculates that over 150,000 people have died from the Covid vaccine in America as of August 28, 2021. (Click here for her website and numerous articles & presentations.) Using the VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] database and independent rates of anaphylaxis events from a Mass.... Continue Reading →

Imagine What Life Will Be Like in the Future They are Preparing to us

Forced Vaccination Was Always the End Game (source) Imagine what life will be like in the future if you cannot leave your home without being harnessed to a government-issued digital ID, which contains personal information about your body and your life, and is hooked up to an electronic surveillance system that records and controls every... Continue Reading →

Klaus Schwab and his great fascist reset

(source) Born in Ravensburg in 1938, Klaus Schwab is a child of Adolf Hitler’s Germany, a police-state regime built on fear and violence, on brainwashing and control, on propaganda and lies, on industrialism and eugenics, on dehumanisation and “disinfection”, on a chilling and grandiose vision of a “new order” that would last a thousand years.... Continue Reading →

The Catastrophe of Fatherlessness

(source) Much of the mayhem we see today is linked to fatherlessness. Around this time we celebrate Father’s Day. But fathers in our culture have not recently appeared very important—at least according to Hollywood and other culture-shapers. We used to have programs like “Father Knows Best” or “Leave It to Beaver” with a respectable father... Continue Reading →

How the British Empire Created and Killed George Orwell

(source) The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), happily amplified by the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) in the United States which carries its World News, continues to pump out its regular dreck about the alleged economic chaos in Russia and the imagined miserable state of the Russian people. But amid all their countless fiascoes and failures in... Continue Reading →

Benevolent Xenophobia

(source) The postwar world’s ideological mission is expanding “individual rights.” Elites undermined cultures, traditions, and customs that supposedly restricted individual liberty. The “Open Society” would cater to the newly liberated individual’s desires. Nation-states became essentially large apartment complexes. Consumers payed taxes so they could participate in an economy. They could “shop” for whatever nation-state offered... Continue Reading →

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