150 ways to take back your privacy from the evil Internet gatekeepers

Privacy is a hot-button issue nowadays, and it should be. Information bloodsuckers like Facebook and Google are having a heyday selling your browsing habits to the highest bidder day in and day out. The truth is that’s really how these companies make their money. In case you didn’t know, as soon as you connect to the internet and visit... Continue Reading →


How to explain the Bitcoin bubble to young people

It’s an inescapable pattern of human culture: Each new generation believes it is smarter and wiser than the generation before. Throughout the history of western civilization, young innovators believed they had discovered near-magical wealth generating systems that could produce riches without effort. The railroad bubble of the mid 1800s… the roaring ’20s stock market bubble…... Continue Reading →

How To Explain Bitcoin To Your Parents

With Bitcoin recently reaching a high water mark of an all-time high of $11,500, it’s inevitable that relatives will start asking questions.   When your parents ask questions, it somehow ends up either they don’t agree with your idea or relate it to their younger years. Of course, that’s not a problem, except if you talk about new innovation... Continue Reading →


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